Sweet Honesty 
Avon (1973)

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Sweet Honesty by Avon

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Discontinued for many years, it was relaunced in 2016 in Avon's Classic Collection.

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Reviews of Sweet Honesty by Avon

There are 20 reviews of Sweet Honesty by Avon.

My very first scent, which I was given in several differently-shaped Avon decanters: my favorite of which was a white cat with blue glass eyes :) I wore it proudly to late elementary and early junior high.

Can't exactly remember the fragrance so I'll abstain from giving it a positive or negative review, but just couldn't resist adding my memory to this site!

I haven't even thought of purchasing this scent since the 70s. I have been perusing this site to read reviews of some recent gifts of scent that I recently received.

I wouldn't wear Sweet Honesty because honestly, I remember it as cloyingly sweet and uninteresting.

But, anyway, I have discovered through this site that I consistenly choose aldhydic fragrances which Sweet Honesty is not. I'm more Chanel No. 5, White Linen and Halston. Well, Halston on days that I want to smell like perfumed pine sol.

I would not recomment Sweet Honesty to a friend nor would I want to be in the proximity to anyone wearing it. I think it literally stinks.

Because I was born in 1950, this scent doesn't have childhood associations for me; the little-girl scent of that era was Daisies Don't Tell. And when this one came out in 1973, it was marketed as a hip, different unisex scent for people 15 to 30 or thereabouts. That apparently didn't fly, so in a year or two they reframed it as a fresh, casual scent for women--something to wear with jeans. That was how I wore it then. Later it became the scent I wore and still sometimes wear to Full Moon celebrations (I'm Pagan); it's cool and fresh and not like anything else I own or have tried. What's really interesting, though, is how the perception of this as a little-girl scent developed over time _in complete and apparently pretty determined contrast to Avon's own marketing._ That's actually pretty cool, if you think about it. :)

Over 10years ago, my best friend Mindy gave me a bottle
of Sweet honesty. She passed away now from cancer, and every time I ware it I
think of her. It's real hard to find a friend these days who treats you like
family. This perfume makes me feel safe, and happy. To me, it smells like honey,
and brings back childhood memories of baking in the kitchen. I can't take my
blankey every where I go, but I can take my Sweet Honesty. It's like a hug in a
bottle! In a world that's ever changing, and when life isn't so
easy, It's nice to have something to count on.
G. Raquel Vega Avon representative

ok every little girl's rites of passageher first perfume this is it this and windsong where my first frangrances This smells Simular to Kenzo FlowerSmells like baby power i don't want to smell like a baby

Sweet Honesty is my favorite comfort/bedtime scent. Fans of Barbara Bui and Prada Infusion D'Iris may want to give this one a try.Don't let the affordability fool you. There's a reason this one has been in the Avon stable for so many years. Sweet Honesty is almost like a shower in a bottle. It manages to smells clean, freshy and slightly sexy, without smelling like soap or detergent. It has a touch of "baby powder" scent but is more grown-up and complex, with lemon and fresh flowers on a base of vanilla and musk. I will take this one over "Clean" any old day. Perfect for any age and any occasion when you just want to smell GOOD.

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