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Bois 1920 (2005)

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Reviews of Sutra Ylang by Bois 1920

Sutra Ylang vs. Real Patchouly????

As I waited eagerly to receive my 3.4 oz bottle of Sutra Ylang, I was somewhat disappointed. Upon first sniff, I thought, wait a minute, "I purchased this already!!!!"

On my drive home, I couldn't help but to go to my collection and smell Real Patchouly....and there is was!!! I have this one. Did someone change the label and put Sutra Ylang on the bottom of the bottle...was this a joke? As I allowed the fragracne to settle, I began to get the difference...I then sprayed both on a piece of tissue paper allowing to dry for a moment then I let asked for my wife's opinion, she concluded that there is a difference however, there are similarities also.

Sutra Ylang opens with a very smokey yet, powdery feel. If you like Creed's Royal Delight you will like this!! There is this dark violent essence along with sandlewood base; let me also mention that there is a sweetness to this that Real Patchouly does not have. I really enjoy this fragrance now after having given it some time. Again, this resmbles Real if you have this you could get by with out this one.

This has great longevity...I sprayed this on yesterday around 7:00, grabbed my shirt from yesterday, through it on to run out the door and I still get a whiff.

Pros: great longevity, projects well, well balanced....
Cons: resembles Real Patchouly....
Jul 6, 2013

The Bois 1920 bottles have always been very easy on the eye - they look like they have been salvaged from some Edwardian apothecary. Sadly, the contents have barely lived up to the glass eye candy. Sutra Ylang has an enterprising top and middle phase, but the final stages are typically Bois 1920, and typically nondescript.

The opening is a blend of verdant,citrus and sharp floral notes. In fact the rose and violet contributions are pleasingly vigorous, and Sutra Ylang feels delightfully amiable, spicy and sophisticated. It's a confident statement that really needs to be sustained and undoubtedly deserves a noteworthy conclusion. Instead, the blending feels at odds with the early entertainment. It's a breathless and powdery drydown, sweet and forgettable.
Nov 1, 2011

Rather nice and pleasant scent that wears well in almost any weather. I like the citrus top with a hint of spice and laurel. The heart of florals with just a hint of clove in the carnation note is very pretty without being girly. A woody oriental base includes a bit of moss for bitterness, which helps the drydown mellow. All in all a very nice scent for evening or casual social wear.
Apr 17, 2010

I feel that this is oriental in nature. A little bit green with woody amber and herbs. Feels like a fuller Obsession for Men with a touch of Pino Silvestre (without pine notes) but not as heavy. Very pleasing and suitable for cool weather.
Jun 21, 2009

Bright and lively entrance: There is something in the citrus opening that they are not telling anybody about – something like a light eucalyptus or at least something medicinally aromatic. The opening is energetic yet it seems almost old fashioned and classic at the same time: I think the “classic” aspect comes from an ever present sandalwood that exhibits a rich background to the sparkling citrus and the amber and benzoin that shows itself almost immediately. The floral heart is well done with none of the florals dominating to my nose except that I get a little spice probably coming from the carnation. The heart presents a very enjoyable floral bouquet that is appropriately unisex. The base does get a little blah, but it is pleasant enough and subtle enough to make the fragrance a good choice for an office fragrance or other circumstances when its subtlety is desired. Sutra Ylang is a unique scent… I can’t think of anything similar to it.
Feb 19, 2009

This started out way too sweet on me. As I went about my business, waiting for it to evolve, I began to smell horse manure! Sniffed my wrist and sure enough, there it was. I suppose this could have been the indole/jasmine, though I haven't experienced it with other jasmines. When the weird reek faded, the perfume settled into a sweetish/powdery fog. Even without the fecal phase this isn't my cup of tea. But someone who likes sweet, powdery, STRONG florals might love it. I let my daughter try it, she likes sweeter frags than I do, and no horse patties appeared on her, so once again my chemistry may have fouled up a perfectly nice perfume.
Nov 21, 2008

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