Sunshine Man 
Amouage (2015)

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Sunshine Man by Amouage

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Fragrance House
Pierre Negrin
Christopher Chong
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Part of the 'Midnight Flower' collection.

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Reviews of Sunshine Man by Amouage

There are 35 reviews of Sunshine Man by Amouage.

A fresh, sweet, boozy, immortelle bomb. Eye-Opening and enjoyable at first spray, though it becomes more difficult to wear in the sunshine as it dries down.

I don't know why everyone got so excited about this when it came out, a lot of then actively people annoyed by this supposed betrayal of Amouage's style. It's really just like Caron's Pour Un Homme, or Kilian's Straight to Heaven, which are both basically boozy lavender-vanilla-tonka scents. Except where Caron is refined, and Kilian is (a little) avant-garde, this, being Amouage, just has everything turned up to 11. It's still very nice but it really only needs a very small application.

This is Amouage's take on Roja Dove's Risque. Its worrying nobody else has spotted this. More so for me as I have clearly sniffed far too much in my relatively short time here. It is identical but slightly more woody (masculine) and less subtle.
Simply put Risque is Peach and vetiver and Sunshine man is peach and cedar.
From memory Risque made me think long and hard before turning it down. This would be a thumbs down as well but perhaps I need to live and let live now I am climbing after hundreds of samples onto an enlightened plain of understanding and accept that perhaps this is what the perfumer wanted to achieve and if so then it is done masterfully and indeed some people would even wear it. Definitely not a heterosexual male though. This is confident young woman territory fairly broad in application less so for work but definitely pleasure smart or casual. That's why as a guy you will get compliments because ladies will smell it and like it for themselves not because they are interested in its wearer.
Do I get a graduation prize?

If you want to smell like a walking bubblegum, go for it !

Sorry Amouage, I love you but I don't like this Sunshiny side of you :(

I think the juniper and cedarwood were what turned me off to this offering. Was going to go neutral on this, but it just was that offensive to me. Now, please take this review as just my take on it. Just confused about this particular scent coming from the house of Amouage.

Update: After revisiting this scent I'm giving it a Neutral rating as I'm getting an "OK" smell.

Update 08/19 - I've come to really like this offering from Amouage. Was surprised at the complment factor as well. Next up is Beach Hut Man.

Reminds me of sweet, sugary, dried fruit. Does have similarities with Baccarat Rouge 540, at least to me. There's also this very dry, almost burned cedar that gives it a slight mid-eastern feel. THere's also some powderiness in the drydown.

The scent is sweet and heavy, so if you plan to wear in warmer months, go easy on the trigger. It really projects and lasts all day.

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