Sung fragrance notes

  • Head

    • galbanum, peach, bergamot, coriander, green notes
  • Heart

    • orange blossom, hyacinth, muguet, rose, ylang ylang, orris, carnation
  • Base

    • cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, moss,, amber, vanilla, tolu, musk

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Years ago when I worked in an office someone wore this and it smelled lovely on her. Every year I try to find one or two new, affordable scents and remembering this one, I blind-bought it last week. Awful mistake! The notes sure SOUNDED right up my alley: carnation, coriander, vetiver, rose, and amber. I ripped open the package and excitedly sprayed some on both wrists and choked; it smelled like a funeral parlor. Honestly, something overpowered the citrus that might have made it fresh, and vanilla, which I also like, was missing in action. It really did smell like a dying bouquet of lilies. The first perfume I ever used was Muguet des Bois, almost 50 years ago. I didn't expect this to smell like that, but it did state there was muguet here. About the most synthetic muguet ever, I guess. Very disappointed. One big bottle of Sung, missing two sprays, in box, going cheap. :-(
18th June 2021
Imagine people all dresed up in their Easter Best when hats and gloves were in fashion. Sung sets the stage for freshly pressed linen suits and crisp polished cotton dresses. Spring in the air, flowers are blooming, everyone is showered and clean beyond belief. It captures the essence of several groups into one green, woody, floral, sweet, slight powderiness. In fact a graceful and feminine floral which has a very creamy and earthy base.

There are many notes in this but they are masterfully blended into a bouquet of rich, yet demure and elegant florals. I get almost pure hiacynth, smooth ylang ylang and a hint of citrus followed by sunny bouquet of creamy white flowers with the woody notes becoming more prominent in the end. This is everything wis is eighties: big hair, big jewerly, big eye make up. An elegant and sophisticated fragrance for the woman who likes vintage and classic floral fragrances.the price is great.
23rd March 2021

This rating is for the Sung scent I wore in the 80's and loved. Yes, it was loud and green and mossy which is what made it so delectable. It wasn't sweet in any way - just clear and sharp.
My closest friend tried some of mine back then and wears it to this day. I tried some of hers today and I got a whiff of my old fave for a bit, although with a sweetness I didn't remember, and, which
probably wasn't there back then. It fell off my skin in about an hour, which was fine with me because it wasn't my familiar Sung.
6th November 2020
Reminded me right away of White Shoulders, which my mother used to wear. Starts very sharp, feminine and floral. I consider this a big, sweet scent to be used sparingly.

It softens after a couple hours very nicely, and just makes me happy. It lasts about 5 hours or so on my skin.
13th November 2014
A floral I like!Just got my EDT from Amazon today. I haven't worn this in years, and it smells a bit different than I remember; perhaps my chemistry has changed. It is still lovely, though, and it still puts a smile on my face - it is a good perfume to feel cheerful. I used to wear this to work as a dishwasher, and it always made me smile. I don't have the chemistry for most florals, which is sad because I like them and there are so many, but this is one I can wear. If anyone knows how to find the EDP, please tell me! Pros: Decent sillage, reliable, upliftingCons: Hard to find the EDP"
11th October 2013
The top notes influence the whole olfactory fatigue as this juice smells till the end of the trip more fruity and resinous (almost ripe) than properly floral. The bouquet of flowers is central and indiscernible in its single elements by a lait nose but what jumps in a while on mind (something lasting till the end) is a resinous and aromatic similar apricot/coconut taste elicited by the interaction from gummy galbanum, coriander (a touch of mint??), mellow peaches (pears yet?) ylang-ylang and orange over a mossy/vanillic base. The begining introduces a touch of almost masculine toilette type of vibe with hints of bergamot and mossy lavender but the feel is evanescent as a meteor because the mellifluence is yet ready to smoulder and erupt. The perfumed agreement of all those dense and resinous elements (vanilla, ripe fruits, mature floral leaves, galbanum, musk and moss) turns the smell out almost syrupy, "saccharosical" and "jammy". A touch of animalic pattens and earthy/grassy elements locks the round of this particular masculine coming from the abysses of the past. The dry down is a bit too much greasy and synthetic for my pleasure. The most appropriate word to define this fragrance? I would say "gummy". Reminiscences of the classic feminine Gloria Vanderbilt and Anais Anais Cacharel. For a daring woman not shy to wear synthetic in the age of more natural perfumes.
4th December 2012
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