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Sunday Brunch is an intense fragrance sparkling with a cheerful, luminous vibe in a life will-loved and well-lived. Olfactive Harmony: Citrus-Floral. Notes: Italian Bergamot-Lemon-Earl Grey Tea. Premium 15% Concentration.

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There are 1 reviews of Sunday Brunch by KIERIN NYC.

Interesting that it isn't listed as a note here but to my nose this is all about fresh cedar rather than citrus.
Yes there is lemon, there is bergamot but these do not come racing out sharp & shouty. They meander like a highly polished East Side socialite, politely greeting others as they are shown to their regular table.

Of course, the order is for Earl Grey with lemon served with Eggs Royale, hold the muffin. Nothing fluffy here thank you. In the sunshine the table gives its own woody, rustic aroma to the ambience of the late morning.

Sillage & projection are well mannered, present, but unobtrusive. Longevity? It will be with you when a long, leisurely brunch is over & for a lazy Central Park walk after. Like the best of guests, it will not outstay its welcome.

Well named, unisex & utterly linear, it suits the permanently well groomed feel it gives the wearer, even when wearing a Ramones T, cargo pants & trainers as I am today.

Jul 10, 2021

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