Sun Moon Stars 
Lagerfeld (1994)

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Sun Moon Stars by Lagerfeld

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Sun Moon Stars is a women's perfume launched in 1994 by Lagerfeld

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Reviews of Sun Moon Stars by Lagerfeld

There are 23 reviews of Sun Moon Stars by Lagerfeld.

She has a huge and exciting imagination and is very adventurous. One could look at her and simply find a meek, too kind young lady who sees the world through twenty pairs of rose colored glasses. A sweet personality, a free spirited that brings music and joy into the children's lives. The lovely symphony of this scent is like The Sound of Music (a musical drama film). Clean, confident, powdery, dreamy, delicate, classic, sensuous and ladylike.

SMS takes care to balance the green notes you'd expect from spring with the spiciness of carnation to being you a well-balanced fragrance that's uplifting and comforting at the same time. The opening is fruity but it mellows quickly into the floral notes. The carnation note is strong but not overpowering. The heliotrope is noticeable but not overbearing. The floral blend is nice but what i really enjoy is the powdery/woody notes lurking at the bottom. Sandalwood and patchouli along with the amber and vanilla give a rich depth to SMS. It's delicate and lingering like the haze in the atmosphere before a rain.

I also love the grassy greenery and warm slightly wilted lily notes. Soft and delicate.smooth and creamy. Fresh and clean without being in any way soapy. This is the type of scent i will never get tired on a woman. Like drinking champagne and eating fresh peach with vanilla cream sitting in the middle of a lovely spring flower garden. So womanly and feminine yet still exuding power and confidence. Perfect for romantic occasions. A timeless classic indeed.

Some artists spend a lot of time on the same subject, repeating it again and again. Cézanne - with his portraits of Mont Sainte-Victoire - is the classic example. His obsession with the same mountain meant he didn't have to think about What to paint, and this left him free to work on the How of his technique.

In the same way, Sophia Grojsman repeated the lush rose so many times her signature scent got its own nickname, the Hug Me rose, so called for its soft and powerful embrace.

For Sun Moon Stars, the pink rose accord was tweaked with orange flower, iris and heliotrope, and then dipped in a fruity acid syrup. This offsets the dryness but is tart enough to stop you feeling like you're wading through goo.

SMS is not exactly cosmic - but it's still not bad; it seems to be derived from the rose-violet struture of Paris (1983) and because of this, and a slightly crude feel it only gets a neutral rating.

This was the first grown up scent I ever wore. I have hoarded many vintage bottles so I can continue to wear it. The dominant aromas for me are bulgarian rose and carnation, tempered with a light touch of fruity aldehyde. The combination feels both regal and fresh at the same time.

A lot of reviewers seem to hate this one, mentioning the fake fruit scent. The aldehyde pineapple/peach is present and it was a pretty common note during the nineties. I think it makes it recognizable as a 90s era scent and that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you lived during that era, your nose will probably be accustomed to it and it will bring back some nostalgia. I'll also theorize that some reviewers who found the perfume to be overwhelmingly fruity may have gotten spoiled perfume. In my quest to buy up my personal supply from eBay, I've received several bottles that were quite off smelling. Since it was marketed heavily to young teens, it wasn't always stored in the best condition.

This is gorgeous and so sad that it's discontinued!

On me it opens with a prominent orchid note with waterlily and freesia. Darkly floral with the sweetness of fresh flowers alone.

As it dries, Narcisse, sandalwood, amber and musk all mingle with the floral bouquet to produce fragrance that to me is really quite special. It conjures images of being outside, in the middle of a warm summers night, with the stars in the sky and a gentle breeze carrying the smell of fresh flowers.

The bottle I don't love so much. Very 90's. Everything seemed to be decorated with those moons and suns back then in our house.

A dark, voluptuous fruity floral oriental that is quite old-fashioned in its concentration of oils.

This was a surprise for me, as I had never heard of it before a friend found a tiny quarter ounce sample bottle for me at a yard sale. The bottle is gorgeous with its sculptured orbs blue on blue and its gold cap.

Hard to believe that girls wore this in high school, as one reviewer states, as it strikes me it is for mature women only, but glad to hear of such good taste so young.

If you are a fan of orientals, it is highly recommended. The mix of sweet peach and mandarin are wonderfully supported by the floral medley with just enough base to anchor it securely, but not overpower it.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Sweet in a solid way on me. Long lasting. I only wear it in cold times of yr. it's one of my favorites. First noticed it on a friend about 10 yrs ago.,,, not sure if I would love on me,but it's perfect for me in winter.( Too heavy for hot weather)

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