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Reviews of Sun by Madini

There are 3 reviews of Sun by Madini.

This is a bright and lively scent that does a better job of the citrus / lavender / rosemary combination than many of the designer fragrances. I'm not a fan of that accord in general: The way the combination is presented in Sun still doesn't provide any thrills for me… but the accord is quite okay even though I would say that there is still too much lavender. I like Sun better when the sandalwood (?) shows up, but there is still some of the lavender note remaining to keep its action going well into the dry down. Hours later, what remains seems like a close-to-the-skin raw sandalwood and a smooth, balancing green... and that, too, lasts for hours. Sun presents a well-made refined use of lavender, rosemary, and sandalwood, and it could easily be identified as a lavender fragrance. It has incredible longevity and it's a very good option for the lavender lover.
Aug 28, 2008

Lavendar, citrus, and herbs combine to create a sun-drenched Mediterranean hillside. Nice, mild, and it manages to avoid the common pitfalls of lavendar scents that end up smelling like bars of soap. More subtle than most Madinis. I know they can make them stronger. This one deserves more oomph.
Jul 26, 2007

This is a walk through the canvases of Monet in South of France. Lavender, bay, rosemary - with woods and herbs. Beautifully composed, "tres raffinee" - definite must for me for Spring.
Mar 24, 2007

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