Summer Hill fragrance notes

    • grass notes, white florals, orchard fruits

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Definitely a pop of summer in a bottle. Lively! Super bright orange blossom, lily, not too much freesia, and a hint of peach. I get a peek of gardenia hiding underneath. There are other white flowers here that I can't quite identify. Lily of the valley maybe? Definitely tuberose. I get a little grassy note too. Is this ground-breaking? No. It is an easy to wear, quick grab perfume when you don't need to think about it. It's warm and sunny. Slight wood at the end.
30th September 2018
Whilst I would never class this - as one reviewer has - as a "toilet freshner spray", I admit I initially fell in love with this scent as a room fragrance burning oil.

The sheer floral intensity, far stronger than most other of C&T's fragrances, has surprisingly long staying power for such an inexpensive EDT.

Saying that however, the first hit almost knocks the nose off with strong green aldehydes that make my nose tingle and eyes water - its almost medicinal. However bear with it, because when it dies down (and it does so quite quickly), those intensely floral notes come singing through and just last forever on my skin. Heavy, warm white forals that waft with movement, evocative of a hot summer night in a mediteranean garden. Very feminine, very summer.
10th October 2015

Eau de expensive-looking toilet freshener spray. I don't get why a human being would want to smell like this. Definitely floral, yes, sure, but there are millions of better florals, even within the Crabtree & Evelyn stable. Certainly their worst one.
15th July 2008
Bright and fresh fragrance, very suitable for hot and humid days when a "pick me up" is needed. The lily is definite but not overpowering. One of C&E's best.
18th December 2007 absolute delight! "Summer Hill" the essence of a fresh summer day. The lily note hums like a flower basking in sunshine against hot grass and dirt. There's a warm powdery feel to "Summer Hill" that lends it an air of warm breezes rustling through flowers. However, this is not the "proper" powder of stiff ladies at Sunday service--it's sprightly and playful. If nothing else, "Summer Hill" will remind you of midday sun and days spent wandering in woods and fields. It's a fond memory of idyllic summers filled with excitement, wonder and happiness.
7th November 2007
A true to its name crowd pleaser - flowery, feminine and suitable for most ages. Will definitely lift your mood in bitter winter cold!
1st March 2006