Stronger With You Absolutely 
Giorgio Armani (2021)

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Reviews of Stronger With You Absolutely by Giorgio Armani

There are 2 reviews of Stronger With You Absolutely by Giorgio Armani.

Imagine feeling you get when you are kissing for the first time a beautiful italian girl you love for a very long time,in front of The Trevi Fountain in the Rome.this is an absolute lady killer and a perfect date fragrance.perfect for intimate situations,and close encounters.this has an intoxicating sweetness that is exactly like opening a tough can of condensed milk-that warm hot cloud of caramely sugar from the milk.

It is actually quite nice,and along with SVY competes directly in the same realm as The One EDP,the constantly reiterated installments of the Armani Code lineage, as well as the remaining plethora of preeminent date night, designer releases (La Nuit de l'Homme).it is less sweet than the original but still have freshness that makes it versatile enough for the day it dries down,the vanilla and wood with a very soft smoke chestnuts become more evident.this perfume is a true crowd pleaser with it's warm and cozy embrace.
Oct 14, 2021

Is the rum accord there? Sure, if you go smelling for it, you can find it. Otherwise, this is very, very similar to the original and Intensely flanker, all sweet, heavy, and best for cooler weather. Owning more than one of those three would be redundant. I still prefer the Leather flanker out of all the Stronger With You line.

As with the original Stronger With You and Intensely version, these are all loud projector and have all-day longevity.
Apr 6, 2021

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