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Rose and Sandalwood, quality of which provides for a rich oriental Soapy trail. Jasmine provides a little funk and bloom however the Musk and animalics are blended in a unison most attractive to offer a patina. The Civet offers it's poopy Rose garden. The Ambergris offers a sense of natural puffed ocean breeze. The Castoreum offers it's sweet Leathery bitterness.
Never rude as the Shocking or aromatic
heated "Soiled Panties" of Salome.

In tone it is reminiscent of a Guerlain almost a Jicky without the Myrrh stickiness.
Unlike the Guerlain, natural ingredients present short longevity although the Rose Sandalwood soapy trail is most pleasant.
Sample from a delightful Lanier Nip.
EDT I expect. Love to taste the perfume strength.

Time to make an offer.

28th April 2020
Strategy is a classic floral chypre from its era, the 1940s.

Most reminiscent of Schiaparellis's Shocking and later in a toned down version, Molyneux's Vivre.

Rose, Jasmine, Honey, Civet, Ambergris, Castoreum, Musk

A heavenly floral tobacco honeyed scent.

Although a copy of Schiaparelli's classic, still a delight on its own.
22nd February 2015