Straight to Heaven, white cristal 
By Kilian (2007)

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Reviews of Straight to Heaven, white cristal by By Kilian

There are 68 reviews of Straight to Heaven, white cristal by By Kilian.

Unfortunately, I'm going to lose cool points with the snobby hob-knobs and their "get what you pay for" mentality with fragrances priced to vet the hoi polloi from the beautiful people, because for the money wanted to attain a bottle of Straight to Heaven, White Cristal By Kilian (2007), this sure sucks. Also, I'm not going to type out the full title of this perfume comma and all, so consider this the last time I'm writing "Straight to Heaven, White Cristal" in my review. Going forward, I'm just going to use shorthand like "StH" because it makes my life easier, unlike having to smell this stuff. So the point of this stuff is to smell like booze, because Kilian makes booze; no surprise for me given the history of Kilian Hennessy, and sometimes this theme works for them just as it does for Frapin, but also like Frapin, sometimes it really just doesn't. The latter is the case with StH, although it has produced a litany of flanking special editions, so something tells me I am in the minority with this one. Again, too bad. If rich people care enough that I'm bashing their favorite overpriced perfumes that smell like rubbing alcohol, spoiled jam, and hamster cages, they can send me a cease and desist if they can find grounds.

I've pretty much summed up what to expect before even getting to the breakdown of StH, but for sake of being thorough, here goes my experience in excruciating detail: This opens like someone spilled cheap white rum into a bottle of Terre d'Hermès (2006), then let the alcohol dry up some so the patchouli sticks out more. I get some fruity ionone configurations and lots of blooming hedione with some vanilla for sweetness, but it doesn't hide the hamster cage cedar that eventually powers through the patchouli and dried plastic-bottle rum. Some ambroxan then emerges with a peppery sort of woodiness, until another familiar ingredient from Terre d'Hermès shows up to boost the woodiness and revive some of the medicinal nature of the dried spirits, rounded by the rum and made marine sort of with the ambroxan, which feels roughed up in the way it is in Paco Rabanne Invictus (2013) to feel a tad animalic. I'm not sure who likes this, but it just smells like an alcoholic trust fund kid who dropped out of dad's Ivy league college and douses himself in the aforementioned Hermès to hide the stench when he shows up for required family high-society functions. Unbelievable that anyone pays for this stuff at all. Just wear Terre d'Hermès and preserve some dignity. Performance is okay and projection is also just okay, although the smell is definitely not okay.

The bottom line here is an heir to a house that makes um... let me check my notes... cognac, has no real business trying to make a rum-based fragrrance unless he knows something about that, and he clearly doesn't. Sidonie Lancesseur has done a few By Kilian fragrances, along with some cheapies for Cofinluxe, some Amouage stuff, and even went on to do the well-thought L'Humaniste by Frapin (2009), a brand I mentioned earlier on in this review. Now I'm not saying there aren't some ridiculously-priced fragrances I'd love to own, as a few Roja Doves, Royal Crowns, and Parfums Dusita scents all sit on my "maybe if I win the lottery if I ever played it" bucket list I never intend to actually be able to scratch off, but something like this just makes me shake my head like who smells something so awful and thinks "yep, that's haute parfum right there, worth every penny"? Clearly, coming "from good stock" and having lots of wealth either earned or handed down via birth raffle doesn't guarantee good taste in perfume, just having enough funny fiat paper to toss at literally anything that tickles your fancy, no matter how banal it really is to everyone else not fooled by the tugs at the old ego-strings that most marketing and presentations for these types of perfumes have. Still, if you want to smell like an alcoholic frat boy with GQ tastes, and are willing to cough up $300+ for 50ml of it, I won't stop you. Thumbs down
Jul 5, 2021

Another intoxicating gourmand fragrance by Kilian. This is a rum cocktail you wish you could drink without the alcohol and sawdust being inedible. You can't resist Straight to Heaven, but I also do not love Straight to Heaven,it's just not my style of fragrance. Straight to Heaven is an evening fragrance because I can't imagine having the smell of spiced rum lingering around while I work.
May 11, 2019

Two thumbs way up!

What a gorgeous fragrance! The opening is the perfect blast of quality dark rum that warms the nose followed by a bit of dried fruit and an almost sour earthy patchouli, then the fun really begins....
From the base the most beautiful photorealistic dry cedar comes out followed by a quality musk ambergris accord that holds the fragrance together.

Superb ingredients, great projection (for a couple of hours) and good longevity (6 hours for me) what more could you want?

The only downside is the cost.... but for me it’s well worth it

One last note.... I’m pretty shocked that no one has mentioned the striking resemblence between STH and Jubilation XXV ( I own both). By comparison... Jubilation has more of a sour berry vibe in the opening and heart and an additional beautiful note of Omani incense in the base but these 2 are quite similar in to me and STH is way more versatile than XXV so you can wear it much more casually!
Feb 17, 2019

First off I’ll just say I love this scent, and if I believed in having a signature scent, this would be it. I own both the 79% and 80% versions and I do wish it was never reformulated. To me, the original top notes are richer and more powerful. With the 80% they are unfortunately buried behind a rubbing alcohol (as previously mentioned) veil that I don’t care for. Once that dissipates I find them both to be nearly identical...especially the base notes. The rum fades into this wonderful woodsy/cedar/patchouli mix that I absolutely adore. I am shocked about the short longevity people speak of. I’ve actually had a coworker comment she loves how she can still smell it at the end of the day.

I think a lot of the hate directed toward this scent stems from the house who produces it. I’ve tried many Kilian scents after this and honestly do not care for the others. Shame really, as the presentations are top notch.
Oct 29, 2018

Straight is relative
Complication stands guard at
The patchouli gates

Where memories of
Fragrance dear and story past
Tempt us off-line, their

Its to bits and their
Curling wits so densely packed
As to make one sigh

Upon grateful breath
With a bit less oxygen
A bit more delight

And thus we see that
All is well on the not so
Straight and narrow path

Still appearing straight
On heavenly inspection
Though to localish

Eyes, ears, nose and throat
Those boozy geodesics
Take us on their ride

Through woody woodlands
And spicy heartlands, not all
Of our own making

Nor all of theirs but
Something greater where ev'ry
It is one with wit

As we point to bit
Making our vain pronouncements
That we understand

And where was I? Yes
On some randomly crooked
Stairway to Heaven

Don't mind that it takes
That there down escalator
Through the perfume shop

Fiat lux adored
Fiat odore left to
Its own devices

Of whirling its and
Churning bits of alleged

Where somebody said
Leave out the totality
But not for my sake

Yeah, that's the ticket
I think I'll listen to that
Little old lady

The one who sees the
Wrong magic in ev'rything
She gets patchouli.
Oct 11, 2018

Lots of smooth, buttery rum in the beginning and then dries down to a dry, airy cedar scent, almost metallic. The drydown reminds me of walking into an old wooden house that's being preserved for historical purposes. Feels formal to me and maybe best in cooler weather.

I get excellent projection during the first 2-3 hours. Can be cloying if over-sprayed. Skin scent after that lasts all day on me.
Mar 23, 2018

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