Storm fragrance notes

  • Head

    • papaya, lime
  • Heart

    • delphinium, purple hyacinth
  • Base

    • tonka, golden musk, earth, marine notes

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With the sun obscured from view
And none but the night left to keep me warm
It's me my darling with nothing left to do
But surrender to the coming storm
And I am born...
8th July 2022
This opens with a fresh, ozonic accord, somehow mineral & faintly metallic. I'm not sure what papaya smells like, but there is a juiciness here that suggests lime, & after ten minutes the whole thing becomes much more fruity. One hour in, delicate floral notes combine with the fruit, creating a kind of 'pale green' aura. After three hours, there's a soft musk which is slowly sweetened by tonka in the base. From here it all fades to a skin scent, but is still detectable eleven hours in.
This has none of the tension or darkness that I would associate with a storm, & is much more subtle in its approach than the similarly-named, acrid scent that is Demeter's Thunderstorm. It does, however, suggest the freshness of a dew-laden orchard, & although it's a little too fruity for my taste, I think I might enjoy it more in the springtime.
27th January 2016

A moderately interesting concoction of herbs and flowers with fruity nuances. Not as banal as one would expect from this types of compositions yet far from being a standout. The fragrance suffers form a watery/aquatic presence adding an unpleasant and slightly weird undertone.

From a fragrance named Strom, I expected something more edgy or, at least, some tension...
9th September 2012
I'd say it's a fresh fruity floriental. Nice and unique but doesn't hold my interest. If I wanted to describe this scent with imagery using the name, a tropical sea breeze just before a rain shower.
7th June 2009
I like the hyacinth, and it pairs well with the tonka. If I recall the scent of delphinium correctly, it is a bit like carnation, and that is a nice touch. I could do without the added fruitiness, though.
21st October 2008
Beautiful natural aromas… a unique fragrance … hard to classify except that I find it quite masculine: The pyramid says papaya and lime for the top notes, but the opening to me doesn't smell tropical or fruity in the least: I get a rustic earthy smell, part vegetal, part mineral, summarily interesting. It retains that rustic accord for quite a while, gradually yielding to a kinder, gentler floral that smells purple – I can't think of any other way to describe it. Even though the scent has turned primarily floral, it keeps a pretty good hold on its masculinity by hinting at a marine background. I don't get much of a change in accords after the scent turns to its middle; it becomes quite linear after that and holds onto that purple accord as a skin scent for two or three hours. As is the norm for Neil Morris fragrances, Storm presents a restrained, balanced sillage and at least a medium longevity.
24th August 2008