Stella McCartney (2003)

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Reviews of Stella by Stella McCartney

There are 58 reviews of Stella by Stella McCartney.

Stella is always the right choice when I don't have an idea of what fragrance to wear. It's perfect for the office, daytime/evening, any season, and is unlikely to offend anyone. It's pleasant and comfortable. I wish the formulation hadn't changed though....the older version was so much better!
Nov 6, 2019

The opening of this is an easy-to-like designer rose and peony perfume. After a couple hours, some of the floral goodness can still be smelled up close, but the projecting elements of the perfume are less interesting and enjoyable than the opening, even cloying.
Jun 3, 2017

This is a rose perfume. Sorry, but I don't like it. The bottle is classy though.
Jan 15, 2017


Close your eyes,you think you are walking through a garden early in the you can experience it with STELLA.If you appreciate the romantic days of the past,you will love this fragrance.A discreet floral blend that revolves around a main note of rose touched by a hint of warm amber. Sweet,Floral, Elegant, Gorgeous,Captivating,Romantic,Classic yet Modern.

A delicte and romantic composition of mandarin orange,rose, peony and amber evokes the many facets of a woman's personality for women who capitulate to sensual pleasures as much as they do to sentimental smells flowery but not in a way that says"Oh, that nice girl is wearing flowers".this to women of most ages.totally rose notes gives you a handsome feeling.

It's such a versatile scent.not only great for Romantic evenings, but also light and subtle enough to wear to work is also suitablee for a wedding.this scent is perfect when you wear in the Springtime in a flower garden.if you are looking for a beautiful rose scent this one is a precious choice.truly lovely.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

Jun 1, 2015

Nice , but not quite . Passed my bargain find to my mom ,who loves rose scents. I'm pretty sure it's the "woody ambers" that are not quite syncing up with me. It gives a bit too much " heaviness " to the scent and ( perhaps this is unfair -but hey I have a lot of scents that have to compete for skin time) I had a sinus headache verging on a migraine while wearing Stella edp . Not quite a pleasant association. Another find , vintage Colors de Bennetton actually seemed to take my headache DOWN a few notches when I wore it the next day.
I think this is pleasant enough to be around but I don't really want to wear it and have it wafting up all day. Stella resembles other peony rose type scents like Ellen Tracy but with more clean musk and amber-"woods"added.
Nov 7, 2014

I agree with some Basenoters, Stella is a shadowy, slightly resinous,  barely mossy rose with a powdery, warm and sombre woody-ambery dry down. I detect some almost edible balsams in the blend, some dissonant spices (cumin?) and boise' ambery (ambrette seeds?) rosey facets that remind me traits of scents as Kingdom McQueen. The first blast, while soon preluding to the following darker warmth, is immediately fruity, barely green and floral with a first chord of mandarine, herbs, watery flowers, aldehydes (i suppose) and bergamot.  Very soon that touch of almost angular botanic temperament recedes and leaves gradually the scene to a dark and powdery density made by oil of rose, balsams, animalic notes (honey?) and hints of oakmoss. Really chic (in a retro way) and floral with a sort of almost sinister, solitary and quiet british classic spark of sophistication. Finally the scent becomes a bit lightler, closer, soapy and wearable. Well balanced in the dry down. A great work from Jacques Cavallier.
Aug 29, 2012

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