Montblanc (2005)

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Fragrance House
Franzrudolf Lehnert
Packaging / Bottle Design
Luigi Bormioli
Packaging / Bottle Design

Named after a new Montblanc luxury pen line (aren't all Monblanc's pen's lines "luxury"?). The name sounds a tiny bit may-the-force-be-with-you-esque to us.

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Reviews of Starwalker by Montblanc

There are 32 reviews of Starwalker by Montblanc.

If you can find Starwalker at discount, it might be worth a try, although I doubt many experienced noses will find it all that exciting. A few words that come to mind: safe, understated, easy-going, office-friendly, get the picture.

If you are just starting a fragrance collection or want an easy-to-wear “dumb reach” fragrance, this could be it. It's sort of like a comfortable sweatshirt. Few will notice, and if they do, they likely won't care, but they also won't be offended and you will feel good. It's that sort of scent. No rough edges, screechy notes, or allusions to fabric softener or cleaning agents. It's just comfortable.

If you've tried Hugo Boss Man Iced, this is pretty close. For around $20 for a 50ml bottle for either, you could do a whole lot worse, but you could also do a whole lot better.

Not a recommended blind buy, but not because it's at all challenging. I just think that few will really find it all that captivating.
Mar 2, 2021

As Javijabs has pointed out this is a perfect work fragrance and generally a great all rounder.

The name isn't the best, but I find the bamboo really calming... this is something I enjoy wearing for myself as much as others.
Oct 26, 2019

Good citrus based scent with a unique twist from the bamboo. Seems a little boring at first, but wear it a few times, and you'll notice there's nothing quite like it. Wear it too much and you may make yourself nauseous, it's just one of those fragrances..
Feb 22, 2018

Great scent. Perfect for work, moderate longevity and low sillage, as expected.
Nov 3, 2016

Bamboo and sandalwood. Very pleasant and unique. Another goal for Montblanc.
Jan 26, 2016


The opening is citrusy and aromatic.LIGHT,FRESH and YOUNG.1 or 2 spray is not my opinion it is not spicy,it is more a like aromatic.

The longevity was not good for me.around 2 hours!However i think this is not only inclusive STARWALKER and altogether this brand must revision on longevity your colognes.

Anyway it was particular if the longevity was OK but now is average for me.of course designed for SPRING/SUMMER and day is quite NICE for a very short time.

Jun 2, 2015

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