St Johns Indian Gold 
West Indies Bay Company (1963)

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St Johns Indian Gold by West Indies Bay Company

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St Johns Indian Gold is a men's fragrance launched in 1963 by West Indies Bay Company

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Reviews of St Johns Indian Gold by West Indies Bay Company

There are 5 reviews of St Johns Indian Gold by West Indies Bay Company.

Indian Gold is clearly a Canoe wannabe. It has a slightly different composition and is a bit more concentrated and longer lasting, but has the same basic DNA as Canoe, with topnotes of lavender, citrus and clary sage, midnotes of carnation, geranium, spices and woods, and basenotes of vanilla and musk.

Fred Hayman's Touch is a more recent example of this formula. It's a classic scent and well-executed, but not original enough to rank highly.

Other members of the family include Jade East, Brut, Pinaud's Clubman and Nine Flags: Luxembourg - Meadow Grass.

Another well constructed scent that just doesn't work for me... Too much of that old school vibe which in some scents is good and some bad... This Is just missing a little something to really make me enjoy this more. I do think it is a nice scent just not for me.

This is a friendly uncle of a scent, a much loved relative who makes you smile and gives good hugs. This powdery barbershop scent is a perfect addition to St. John's traditional lineup of men's fragrances with their tropical, bay rum legacy and iconic basket-covered bottles. This reminds me of Atkinson's Royal Briar, Royall Muske and Paul Sebastian as well as a number of similar scents from Caswell Massey, Trumpers, etc. only better. Indian Gold is definitely old school but decidedly manly–in fact it is gentlemanly. With bergamot and lavender in the top notes and woody heart notes underpinned by vanilla and musk, this almost seems like something that Guerlain might have put out over the years (a denser Habit Rouge?) but it is unmistakably a scent that would be at home at the fragrance counters of the fine traditional men's stores that every American town once had and are now a rare commodity. The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit could have worn this and Don Draper might have worn this, if he was a nicer person.

Sweet spicy sandalwood that's not cloying. Slightly powdery, in an odd medicinal way like "cheap" drug store shaving cream. Hm. not bad and it's quite warm and comforting. Fans of Rive Gauche pour Homme and the like would enjoy this spicy and light alternative.

A warm, spicy fragrance which I've used for years that i learned about from my brother. This scent I can only describe as a close companion and friend that is there through thick and thin. I think through the years I have only smelled this on one other person and that kind of took away it's personal feel for me. Ive tried some of the best frags from some of the best houses and this one holds it's own on personality alone. Longevity is good but it is hard to find at the major online retailers.

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