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Zoologist Perfumes
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Celine Barel

Fragrance Foundation Awards winner, 2020.  The company says: 

The vast ocean swells and contracts, caught in the relentless tug of the moon. Beneath the surface, a school of squid emerges. Strange, elastic forms propel from the deep in a frantic search for sustenance. They are not alone. Their predators lunge, only to be foiled by blinding jets of murky ink. The hunt ends abruptly as a monolith materializes, greedily engulfing all in its path. The massive sperm whale dives, leaving a temporary peace bobbing in its wake. Decades on, relics of the battle resurface. Lumps of ambergris, expelled by the whale and polished by the salty currents, wash ashore. Waste? Flotsam? To the perfumer this elusive substance is nothing less than treasure.

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Reviews of Squid by Zoologist Perfumes

There are 10 reviews of Squid by Zoologist Perfumes.

Imagine of sitting in a hot spring under a clear night's sky,salty breeze brushes your skin,a touch of balmy air,wild waters,you can smell wet sand, something smoky in the air.Squid plays so beautifully on my skin that has a natural tendency to turn scent sweeter.it is similar Sel Marin but SM have a more tropical vibe.it is not a sunny, happy abd aquatic fragrance.

The very beginning of this fragrance is a bit harsh but as it settles down it starts to radiate the salty feeling for the entire day.a sublime balancing act between salt,incense,ink and ambergris.a mix that could quite easily fail,but is saved by sweet warmth of benzoin.it doesn't evoke an exclusively summery setting as it is a quite melancholic scent in character.
Aug 25, 2021

I get mostly incense after the pink pepper spray. A salty impression backs it up. It’s warm and wet, but fresh as well. Beautiful creature.
Nov 19, 2020

Fragrance in three words: Salt and Pepper (squid)

This is coloured a lovely blue. It is based off a squid's environment and how a squid smells.

I mainly get a pink pepper note which runs all. the way through it, it is a really strong pepper up there with Opium Homme (1995). Seductive incense which is really well done and reminds me of black musk the way it envelopes. There's a salty note which wasn't strong on my skin, but many people say it is potent on them.

The fragrance for me stayed the same as when it was first applied, with the pepper drying down slightly after a few hours.

Price in the UK is £190 for 60ml which is the more premium price range for niche fragrance. Definitely bottle worthy, but a big investment.

Scores a nice 7.5 out of 10. One of the best samples I tried in 2020.

Source: 1ml sample from Bloom
Oct 23, 2020

Finally doing a proper sampling of Zoologist Squid, released around the summer of 2019 if memory serves correct, an apt marine inspiration for the warm weather. It’s aquatic, inky, semi-fresh, but not heavy in citruses or calone. Certainly the standout note is the black ink accord, as the association with the squid makes it both a unique and apropos component, but there is pink pepper, salt, ambergris, musk, and opoponax. All told, it’s floral but not really citric, sort of a musky, inky homage to the sea and nod to the signature creature. On my skin, the ink is more prominent in the initial couple of hours and the scent pivots more toward ambergris in the dry down, a fun but subtle evolution.

It’s quite well done, perhaps the first aquatic to come out of the house, and while clearly year-round-friendly, something that would be nice to wear in the approaching warmer weather in the northern hemisphere, as many associate the summer with traveling to beaches and into the ocean.

In my opinion, Squid is among the strongest few releases from the house in that it balances artistry and accessibility, and it offers something new in the aquatic realm, at least for me, in terms of the infusion of ink with other aquatic elements. It feels carefully done, complete, and balanced.

While not as dense or rich as other compositions in the line, Squid still performs quite well, and at 20% concentration, has great longevity. It is sold on the website of Zoologist itself (based in Canada) as well the websites of the US boutiques Perfumology and Luckyscent, and is at the standard pricing (of the line) of $165 for 60ml.

8 out of 10
May 14, 2020

I was so excited when I found out Zoologist was doing a marine animal with Squid. I love marine life, and thought it was a long time coming (and that they should make more of them!).

I definitely get the ink here. Something about this is decidedly "viscous". It's not light or refreshing like Acqua di Gio or a host of other aquatics, this is dark abyssal water. There aren't any blue resins out there to my knowledge, but that's the impression I get. Rich, smooth, dark blue resin.

I wouldn't describe it as a particularly bombastic scent. It's well-made and evokes the Squid imagery well, but it's actually pretty laid back. A squid is muted in terms of personality, stoic and aloof, and I feel the same way about this scent, so I guess it's pretty appropriate. Maybe it's just that I'm coming from the blood and chaos of wearing T-Rex yesterday. This is certainly wearable, and is a bit softer projection wise. For now it's quite pleasant but not a favorite. However, I definitely want to sit with this one a bit longer. I have a feeling it will grow on me.
Jan 20, 2020

Just sniffing the air after spraying: had a coughing fit, which made me a little angry. Salty, warm and stuffy, dirty, with a hint of vanilla.

Up close to my skin, all of the above descriptors intensify - plastic beach chairs that have been left out in the shed or in the trunk of your car for too long, and now you have to deal with it.

Medium sillage for me - and though it faded over the hours, it still retained its cloying salty dirty vanilla-ness on my skin into the evening. Wasn't able to detect much of a change during its dry-down.

I don't ever remember a scent annoying me like this one did, and it was amusing to have a negative emotional reaction to a fragrance.
Jan 19, 2020

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