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Creed (1996)

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Spring Flower by Creed

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Created by Creed in the mid-eighties for Audrey Hepburn and launched to the public in 1996, three years after her death.

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Reviews of Spring Flower by Creed

There are 43 reviews of Spring Flower by Creed.

Fruity-floral is indeed the core of the opening phase. Apricot and bergamot are prominent initially, with the fruity side outweighing The bergamot; the latter keeps up a bright atmosphere.

The drydown reverses the ration, putting the floral side upfront. A rose impression arises, quite intense but remaining on the brighter side and expressing some characteristics of a restrained tuberose in the background. This is given added depth by a pleasant jasmin in the background.

The base displays mainly the jasmin, and combines it with the ambergris so typical for this house. White musks appear towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

An agreeable spring creation for day and evening, this scent is not particularly creative, but most of the notes are nicely done. At times the fruity component can appear a bit too artificial, but overall it is solidly crafted. In total, it - just - deserves a positive rating. 3/5.

I bought this fragrance for my wife last year. She doesn't wear it often, but when she does I think she smells amazing. She likes very light fragrances, and almost applies them using mis-direction resulting in them becoming more of a room spray fragrance in her hands than a personal fragrance. But, when she wears Spring Flower, it has enough presence and longevity that I can smell it on her, and it really is lovely. I don't share the dislike some have for this fragrance and think Olivier Creed created a very nice sweet floral with a light hint of melon. A thumbs up in my opinion.

I'm normally a fan of fruity florals, however, in this case, I really have to agree with the review "Spring Flower" gets in the "A-Z Guide to Perfume." The weirdest thing is that this perfume smells exactly like what I thought it would smell like based on that review, so again, I probably should have known better than to try this. I am trying it from a sample (thank goodness), I didn't actually blind buy this. And, I don't recommend that anyone blind buy this, ever! Like Luca Turin (or maybe it was Tonya) said, this perfume is just hideous. It's way too sweet and fruity, I don't eve know where the flowers are supposed to be! And (*gasp*) it LINEAR! So, the super sweet fruity top notes aren't even fading out or disappearing!
Apparently they say that the people at Creed had this one specially made for a famous actress, who supposedly wears it as her signature scent! They don't really say who the actress is though, so for all I know that story was made up to sell bad perfume! If the story is true, I guess I'm kind of insulting the actress, but honestly, I just can't like this perfume! A lot of things from Bath and Body Works smell better, and aren't expensive! So I say, save your money. Also, I'm not all that impressed with Creed so far based on this one scent. That's a shame though, because I love their bottles!

Hmm...don't love it, don't hate it. But certainly not worth the $$. In general, I have trouble with peach notes as I haven't yet found a fragrance that presents it in a natural way. Unlike some others I have smelled - esp Jo Malone's Nectarine Blossom & Honey - this one is thankfully not headache inducing. But still far too fruit-candy sweet for my taste. If you like very very sweet, very fruity perfumes, then you will like this. If you were expecting floral, you will be disappointed as others have mentioned. I must add, though, that the opening is the disappointing part for me, but the dry down is actually quite nice.

This is prettiness personified--a light fruity floral with the house's signature ambergris giving it some heft. With its jasmine/rose heart, this could easily drift into Joy territory, but it is too light and fruity for that. This is perfect for a young woman's first perfume or for any woman who wishes to smell fresh and sweet and--as the name suggests--like springtime. Easy to wear, nice to smell on someone. Given the way that vintage L'Interdit and Le De smelled, I cannot think that this would have been dense enough for Audrey Hepburn, certainly later in her life.

It is a CREED,what can you expect?It smells UNIQUE.you don't wear it if you are not ready for a bouquet of compliments! an Irresistible combination of grace and beauty and an optimistic and confident fresh-fruity fragrance.awakening, elegant, radiant,youngish,elaborate, expensive, refreshing,joyful and exclusive.

A chic and romantic scent that is both fresh and sweet,due fruity and succulent top notes that blend into a sweet heart of rose and clean and soft base is made of musk and amber.this particular combination is an elelixir of the senses and epitomizes casual sensuous but i think the secret of the success Spring Flower is a natural freshness that i seldom find in a perfume.

This delightful EDP is the essence of a Spring Flower garden and reminds me a spring rainy day when the rain stops and the sun come back and everything seems to come back alive. this scent is excellent for spring / summer.beautiful and lovely for daytime or office wear.i recommend it to a young lady (between 20/30 years old) who is trying a New cologne or wanting a new scent.

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