Spring Fling fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lily of the valley, passion flower, fruit notes
  • Heart

    • honeysuckle, jasmine, freesia
  • Base

    • amber, musk, teak wood

Latest Reviews of Spring Fling

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Bond No. 9 Spring Fling sports a nice name, a pleasant floral blend with some fresh touches like musk and tea and a sort of faint citrus vibe, but it's intrigue is limited as it's not a terribly unique or innovating offering.

I smelled it briefly in store before sampling it today and is today as it was then a nice, fresh, reasonably agreeable floral-dominant option.

It's nice but unremarkable, perhaps even unnecessary, but still a good enough offering that it could be a signature scent for a lady and an occasional fresh offering.

7 out of 10
14th September 2018
Liberty Island wears a hat of honeysuckle flowers
25th June 2018