Reviews of Sports Car Club by Penhaligon's

An anonymous mix of patchouly with woods and pepper. Minimum sillage and moderate duration. No leather, no fuels, no smell of mouldy old garages. One big disappointment
19th June 2022
Penhaligon’s sports car club Is well-placed in the British Tales line. The experience, for me, is very much like a combination of their English Fern and Elixir fragrances… with some contemporary smoothing of the edges. Overall it is a eucalyptus fragrance. However, It is well blended enough to not assault as a straight up eucalyptus oil. It alternates, at moments, between crisp and green, like English Fern, and exhilarating, like Elixir. There is a very curious middle at the start of the dry down where the Ambroxan and musk provide a distinctly “leather and petrol” feel much like the experience of Dior’s Fahrenheit. This part of the experience doesn’t last quite as long as I would like. However, the final and long lasting scent is not completely void of the leathery quality. The patchouli helps smooth the crispness and exhilarating moments into a warmer, more languorous feel. Again, the kicky, menthol quality is never completely absent, but the longest lasting and signature feel of Sports Car Club is warm and mildly spicy eucalyptus with an added leathery depth. In the deeper hours, the woody elements broaden and extend the warmer traits. The eucalyptus becomes aromatic; reminiscent of Zizonia's cumin and cedar. Complex and impactful, yes, but not assaulting. It is Classic In it’s familiar accords without being a stodgy, flattened soliflore. It is youthful In it’s strength and complexity but not trendy or obviously “of the moment”. Sports Car Club seems a unique celebration of the bright young things of a century ago; welcoming them into the 21st century with a modern encapsulation of their vibrant, creative, and fearless personalities.
20th May 2022