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Splendiris by Parfums Dusita

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Splendiris is a shared scent launched in 2019 by Parfums Dusita

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Reviews of Splendiris by Parfums Dusita

There are 5 reviews of Splendiris by Parfums Dusita.

Sugary violets over iris, further sweetened by bubblegum jasmine. There's an interesting hazelnut/chocolate Nutella undertone as well, and there's also a vanilla ice cream element. The violets fade to suede over time, working with the iris to make sure Splendiris never goes full-on gourmand or fruity floral, even though it's clearly engineered to appeal to fans of those genres.

This rides a thin line between artistic niche and dumb fruity floral gourmand with exact precision. The smallest hint of strawberry or marshmallow would have toppled Splendiris into trash territory, but a bit of sandalwood or incense would make it just snobby enough to no longer achieve that balance and the appeal it's going for. As such, I'm impressed, but as a die-hard snob, this has a level of sugary playfulness that I just don't enjoy. Points for what it is, but I'm voting neutral, but with the advice that this could be a perfect iris for people who usually don't like chalky or austere iris perfumes.

I really like this fragrance. It's very powdery, floral and a little bit sweet. We can definitely smell the Iris but it evolves and gives a powerful long lasting scent. I really recommend

If the dew in heaven's gardens could be bottled up, this would be it. For some reason this perfume is able to make you feel nostalgic. On my skin sits a watercolor painting with swirls of purple and violet; hues of blue; a layer of green; brownish-gray round shapes strewn along the bottom. In my mind's eye i am Monet.

It's ethereal and slightly wistful but optimistic. At first spritz there is a burst of powdery orris mixed with the creamy violet. The orris abates and then the ambergris becomes evident as well giving her some added vibrance. There is slight muskiness to her bouquet as well. It triggers a lot of love and cuddles need feelings when you long for an innocent moment with the one you love.

Dimly-lit iris and violets combo, free from extra sweetening and all a bit pale. The odour spectrum wavers between cold cream, carrot mash and breadcrumbs with a touch of gentle ambergris muskiness thrown in. Subtle to the point of being underwhelming, in my opinion.

Classic powdery makeup scent. The violet, and rose combo brings to mind old fashioned compacts and the orris screams a fatty cold cream. As Splendiris continues on it's journey we also take a trip on the many sides of the iris as it moves from light and powdery to earthy. This perfume is an absolute joy on paper, and perfect reminder of how beautiful florals done well can be. Sadly on skin this turned into a mildewy and sour mess. This may be my own skin chemistry at play here and I recommend one tries a sample as this may be someone's else's perfect heaven.

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