Splendid Wood 
Yves Saint Laurent (2014)

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Splendid Wood by Yves Saint Laurent

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Splendid Wood is a shared scent launched in 2014 by Yves Saint Laurent

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Reviews of Splendid Wood by Yves Saint Laurent

There are 5 reviews of Splendid Wood by Yves Saint Laurent.

The incense opening is rich, smooth, and moderately dark in expression, very pleasant, and with touches of a ceremonious undertone at times. A cardamom that soon is added in is a brighter note, and both together merge to an interesting spice mix. No that mu wood in the top notes.

A jasmine (the Sambac variety) arrives a bit later; it has more of the leaf' aroma than that the flower on me.

After the drydown continues further the woods arrive, with a nagarmotha giving a green feeling to the mix at the beginning of the base. Hints of cedar come and go, but the oud that is mentioned in the scent pyramid, is missing in action on me; instead I get a nonspecific woodsiness in the background. The last stage is a mix of wood, a soft patchouli, and a nigh tonka-like sweetness.

I get moderate silage, adequate projection, and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A pleasant autumnal scent that has has merit in the creation of a nice and gentle incense mix, which is suitable as an office scent an for the evening. The top notes are the best part of this olfactory creation, but second half is a bit too generic at times. The opening blast is often designed as the most attractive part of a fragrance, such as to lure people into impulse purchases after sampling the product in the aisle of the department store. 2.75.5

Harsh, medicinal opening that lasts a while and smells like sore throat spray mixed with feminine makeup notes and m7 oud. As it gets into the heart and base, it loses some of the fem and rounds out nicely, swinging back to unisex with clean, powdery, sexy, almost boozy wood notes.

Performance is very good with just a few sprays. Projection that can get out of hand if oversprayed and 8-9 hours longevity.

Truly a luxury fagrance, creamy woods softened with a touch of jasmine. Brilliant cardamon and incense opening. The texture is something that needs to be experienced. The formulation seems to have softened over the years for the better. I received a compliment for this at the 10 hour mark, so it lasts and projects nicely.

Splendid Wood has a very natural smell and feel to it and the more I wear it, the more I love it. It doesn't last as long on my skin as I would have hoped for, maybe a few hours and I only get a slight whiff of any oud. The incense and cardamom are more apparent and it has a creamy scent to it. You can feel the luxury from Splendid Wood but it does not last long enough to warrant the price tag.

a forest of fragrance. perfectly balanced for a sensuous night out (or in). the oud is penetrant but not overbearing, the classic woody combinations offset beautifully with jasmine. this is one for special occasions (not least because of the exorbitant price tag), it is the evening fragrance to wear after a day in M7 oud absolu. Thanks YSL for another classic.

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