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Spirito by Meo Fusciuni

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Meo Fusciuni
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Spirito is a shared scent launched in 2019 by Meo Fusciuni

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There are 2 reviews of Spirito by Meo Fusciuni.

Spirito is a magnificent perfume, an aromatic vetiver with an energizing opening given by cypress and green notes of angelica and chamomile. After the opening, a beautiful dry vetiver begins to emerge, very masculine, austere and smoky / leathery, which is accompanied for some time by the notes of chamomile and is supported by elemi and cedar wood. From here on, the perfume will not evolve much, but it will remain wonderfully true to itself, giving a sense of comfort and pampering to the wearer. Like the other perfumes of the house, it does not have a great projection but is felt with discretion leaving a very slight trail at the beginning and then settling and becoming a very intimate perfume, but always well perceptible for about 6 or 7 hours, on clothes. much more.
Ideal for the office and for any informal or casual context as long as you don't dress like a vulgar in a suit or bermuda, a perfume for an adult man and not a boy.
For me I passed with flying colors and immediately finished at the top of my preferences.

An impeccably arrayed green fougère with a sweet woody backdrop, Spirito is a breath of freedom in a pretty restricted grouping. The thing has impressive depth, playing off the light breezy meadow notes – delicate angelica, smooth chamomile, a mélange of herbs – against both greenish and richer woods and with a nice seesaw balance of citruses up top (they aren't mentioned in the declared notes but seem to be present to my nose) and sweet and dark patchouli and tonka tones below.
Meo Fusciuni seems to be bringing genuinely interesting things to the perfumery table but, alas, at a price point aiming for the well-heeled.

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