An updated version of Harmatan Noir 11.

Spicematic 11.2 fragrance notes

    • spearmint, saffron, ginger, frankincense, siberian pine, Red cedar, Musks

Latest Reviews of Spicematic 11.2

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Ginger is probably the most useful spice for a fragrance that wants some prickly spices. Ginger in Spicematic is softened by saffron and spearmint and then gets lost in pine and cedar woods. Spicematic is a very soft and very dry spice fragrance. A very nice blend that is very wearable and creates a mysterious background of context to live up against. Thumbs up!
18th August 2020
Reminds me of my grandparents bathroom many year's ago.
Must be the pine.
Normally wouldn't go for spearmint but just enough here to make a difference but not too much.
Red cedar I love too.
17th March 2020