Spicebomb Night Vision Eau de Toilette 
Viktor & Rolf (2019)

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Reviews of Spicebomb Night Vision Eau de Toilette by Viktor & Rolf

This doesn't make sense as a Spicebomb flanker because it isn't spicy at all - the name is deceptive. That doesn't mean it is a bad perfume at all, or that it it doesn't have spice in it, but it is a sweetish gourmand, with a lot of green apple and citrus balanced by some woods and florals and yes, a little cinnamon and spice in there.

But if you are going to name a perfume "spicebomb" and then package it in a grenade, your buyers are likely expecting more than a pleasant apple smoothie scent. It's more a letdown because of expectations from the name and bottle than in the perfume itself, which will please gourmand lovers and not offend the rest of us.

The bottle and the name are not unimportant to a perfume: they help tell a story and are part of the art of perfumery, and indeed many bottles cost more to manufacture than the perfume inside them. Some are works of art unto themselves. So, bottles matter and names matter and it annoys me they couldn't have paid more attention.

And what does "night vision" have to do with this perfume anyway? Do green apples help you see at night?
Jan 4, 2021

It's funny to me but there seems to be two big points in the other reviews whether up, down, or neutral. That Spicebomb Night Vison is 'generic' because it kinda is, and not Spicebomb at all because it really isn't.They don't say that it doesn't smell good, even in the less favorable reviews because it does indeed smell good. The problem is with it marketed as a Spicebomb flanker, you're paying for another fancy bottle what you could truthfully get similiar scents for what, half the price? I love Spicebomb/Extreme and even though I get the criticism for Night Vision and agree with alot of it I'm going with my nose on this one because other factors aside it smells good. Thumbs up.
Oct 8, 2020

A generic version of almost half of the fragrances that you find in stores. Has that 1 Million vibe. This doesn't smell like the original (don't know if that's a good or bad thing), but it will probably satisfy the masses. As non-original as they come, so I will give it a neutral. 6.5/10
Dec 31, 2019

Nightvision is a fresh tonka-lavender fragrance for men with that sort of modern-but-played-out shower-gel feel compressed into what altogether feels like a very blended, singular accord with little separation among its notes and a mostly linear, predictable progression. The tonka and lavender combine to give it an aromatic, sweet, powdered feel and a very abstract green apple lends just a bit of that shower gel freshness I alluded to before. To this end it’s a competent fragrance. It executes this style well without any glaring missteps or out of balance proportions. And although it obviously and certainly smells synthetic, it manages to avoid smelling harsh or chemical for the most part as well. It’s even pleasant at times. I’ve always thought that fragrances of this variety smell best when sniffed briefly, and from a few feet away, so say on someone who’s quickly passing by you on a city street, or someone edging past you in a crowded theater. It smells perfectly fine in that sense. The problem is, I can think of a lot fragrances that smell similar, even three that I’ve just smelled in the past couple of weeks: Armani Stronger With You, Pepe Jeans for Him, and Diesel Fuel for Life. And if I actually took the time to think about it, I could name many more. Even if these fragrances do not smell exactly the same, they’re similar enough—and they all leave the same impression—partially fresh, partially oriental, synthetically contemporary olfactive white noise. It’s the type of scent that makes you shrug your shoulders with an unenthused, “meh.”

On the positive side, Nightvision does one thing pretty well, and that’s that it keeps its tonka-lavender buzz on the fresh, uplifting side by not overloading the sweetness and keeping it afloat with a light, though somewhat vague green apple note and an appealing, though equally vague almond. These two additions to the whole give Nightvision some necessary levity (the green apple) and just a hint of something aromatically interesting (the almond) Most importantly, they keep the fragrance on the proper plane, making it something that can be worn easily without becoming cloying or dragging one down into a sticky, tonka laden swamp as occurs in fragrances such as Allure Homme Eau Extreme and Azzaro Chrome Pure.

Projection is about average, to maybe slightly above, which I don’t mind, as these kinds of scents can be particularly obnoxious when they’re too strong. Still, those looking for more of a “beast mode” fragrance will feel let down by this, and that tends to be the audience that’s generally attracted to these types of fragrances in the first place. So while I appreciate its restraint, I can also see it as a fault rather than an attribute. Longevity is about 8 hours. Night Vision feels like a daily wear type of fragrance or casual evening wear. I have a few sprays of it on my arm and I happen to be headed to the gym. I’m not embarrassed to be wearing it. A few people will probably pass by and think something smells nice. But no one will be surprised by it, and I’m sure I’ll catch a few tired eye rolls as well. Final rating: 7/10, which is on the high side of "neutral" due to the fact that it doesn't necessarily do anything wrong. Still this one is just too boring and unimaginative to warrant a thumbs up.

SIDE NOTE: This doesn't smell like a Spicebomb flanker to me at all. It doesn't resemble the original in anyway. That signature Spicebomb cinnamon/pink pepper accord is missing and so is the rest of it. Somebody told me they heard Night Vision is supposed to be like Spicebomb with a green apple note. That may have been interesting, or at the least, likable. But the "green apple" note here is very abstract (I would never get "green apple" from this myself) as is any connection to Spicebomb.

EDIT: One more point: You'll notice throughout the reviews for Nightvision that it gets compared to many fragrances, from Invictus to La Nuit to Polo Red and Fuel for Life and Stronger With You. That's because, as mentioned above, Nightvision has a very generic smell. It more or less epitomizes the fresh-sweet aromatic oriental variety that has become so popular for men and has occupied the shelves of malls and department stores for the past 10 or 15 years. While it doesn't smell exactly like any of the fragrances mentioned, it surely smells a little bit like all of them.

Aug 12, 2019

Cash grab.
There was some effort in there, but it really comes across as a melange of all the stereotypical jus released for men since 2012.
Ok, so many many houses are guilty of exactly the same. But...the crime here is how bad a flanker this is compared to the original Spicebomb.
But a closer look (sniff) at the original itself reveals it was simply a vanillaic oriental married to the hotest sellers of the previous year, namely Dior Homme and YSL L'Homme. It was a mild hit.
Night Vision is not quite. Impossible to distinguish it from the sea of clones out there at the moment.
Aug 5, 2019

This is my very first review and I feel passionately about sharing this not just because of the lengthy and angry negative review already posted by another user but because I genuinely love the fragrance.

First off I am not one of those connoisseurs who can take a fragrance completely apart and tell you about grapefruit, ambergris, etc. But I can share my perspectives on a fragrance without that. Right now my favorite fragrances are Creed Viking and Aventus, Spicebomb Fraiche, and now it's this: Spicebomb Night Vision.

For me it's an entirely new fragrance. The Spicebomb DNA is there for sure but only slightly. After that all I can say is that I absolutely love it. It's somewhat fresh, slightly spicy, and very masculine.

This is the furthest thing from a club fragrance. This is one of those mature fragrances where I can't see guys younger than 30 really getting away with wearing.

Definitely office safe, light enough for summer, spicy enough for any time.

My only complaint is that it doesn't last very long at all. It turns into a skin fragrance within 1-2 hours but it is an eau de toilette so I guess that's somewhat expected but it is disappointing.

Sillage is friendly and not strong.

For me the dry down doesn't change very much when sprayed on the neck. On the wrist however it does dry down somewhat powdery so I avoid that.

I got nothing else. I love it, I'll be purchasing a larger bottle and I hope you enjoy my first review and hope you enjoy the fragrance.
May 30, 2019

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