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Viktor & Rolf (2021)

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Spicebomb Infrared by Viktor & Rolf

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Spicebomb Infrared is a men's fragrance launched in 2021 by Viktor & Rolf

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Reviews of Spicebomb Infrared by Viktor & Rolf

There are 8 reviews of Spicebomb Infrared by Viktor & Rolf.

When I heard the news about Spicebomb Infrared being launched, I wanted to believe in liking it, but I didn't believe it. After I've tried it, my lack of faith was confirmed.

In the inital blast of the fragrance, Infrared is warmer, thicker and more rounded than the original, but in my subjective opinion I find Infrared lacking. It smells less natural to me than the original which is not most natural to begin with. Deeper in the dry-down it reminds me of Diesel Zero Plus Masculine, with that atrociously synthetic cinnamon. That just puts me off. The reason I won't give it a negative rating, but a neutral one, is that Infrared is good as an idea but poorly executed, with a potential of getting a better flanker in the future. I wouldn't be surprised if V&R makes an EdP flanker of this.

Originality 3/10
Scent 5/10
Longevity 8/10
Projection 7/10
subjective impression 5/10

After the insipid Night Vision flankers, this is a welcomed take on the Spicebomb DNA. As others have noted, Infrared is spicier yet smoother, and arguably more anachronistic than the original, yet retains a playful modern nature.

I always saw Spicebomb as a sort of modern interpretation of something like Old Spice. Infrared “fougeres” things up a bit in the same way Creed Viking dresses up a classic idea for modern sensibilities. Unlike Viking, however, whose spice is more all-purpose, Infrared is best suited for cooler weather and date nights. I get good longevity and average projection.

Overall, Infrared is a “true” flanker, and likely doesn’t stray so much from the original in style that the average consumer would find reason to own both. Still, it does it’s own thing and does it well, and I would pick this over everything else in the line save perhaps the original. Thumbs up.

Two kinds of cinnamon (both the cinnamon sugar used in baking, and the spicy cinnamon you get in candies like Hot Tamales) mixed with nondescript artificial fruit and a pinch of clove, over a base that smells to me like a mix of bready, doughy tonka and dusty wood, with a shot of dry, leafy tobacco.

The result is clever - it's almost a gourmand in its spiced bready sweetness, but doesn't smell edible.

I've never personally like the original Spicebomb, because its combination of hot cinnamon and cloves smells to me like cheap Christmas potpourri. While Infrared contains some of this potpourri DNA, the shift of focus to the bready tobacco makes this much nicer for me. I still don't love it, but it definitely upgrades this to a neutral for me.

This one has the Spicebomb DNA with a slight fruity edge. Just a tad sweeter than the original. Sampled Spicebomb many times, but never purchased a bottle. But I might have to get a bottle of this. 8/10

Yes, this is quite nice. Closer to the original but brought up to speed with what's hot in 2021.
Tad sweet cinnamony spicy.
I get some cherry likeness bringing to mind a tint of BR 540. There is also an iris-like accord in there.
Worth a sniff if not a full bottle.

Love at first sniff for me! Infrared has the DNA of the original Spicebomb joined by lots of red-spicy accents that are pulled off harmoniously.

Some fancy-pants niche houses should take notes from Viktor & Rolf on blending a smooth fragrance. This is subtly sweet, fresh, powdery, peppery, youthful, mature, and spicy (duh) at once. I've tried this a few times from testers and don't have any gripes about projection or longevity.

The only reservations I can see are (1) some people may not like the twist of fireball candies, cinnamon gum, etc., and (2) it competes with many cool-weather scents, including Extreme and the original Spicebomb. Infrared might be slightly redundant if you already own a few bottles in this line, but it may well also be my favorite one, too. A pleasant surprise!

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