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Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

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Spicebomb is a men's fragrance launched in 2012 by Viktor & Rolf

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Reviews of Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

There are 113 reviews of Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf.

Spicebomb kind of reminds me of a modernized Old Spice. It’s an everyman’s sort of fragrance that doesn’t challenge and smells damn good on just about anyone.

Now 10 years after it’s release, I can appreciate that, while not particularly novel, it doesn’t smell like a copycat of popular fragrance tropes. It finds an enjoyable balance between sweetness and spice, and - while perhaps not suitable for the warmest weather - is not strictly a night out or cold weather staple, like many of its more opulent peers. I wear it to the office just fine.

I will admit that my first dozen or so wearings of this produced a tickle to the nose. Spicebomb is an apt name; that elemi note is rather forward and the fragrance walks a tight line, but it walks it well. Any louder or sweeter, and it might be cloying. Longevity is likewise very good, though not obnoxiously so. I prefer this to the extreme version by a significant margin.

Overall, this does exactly what one would expect a designer fragrance to do. I even enjoy the bottle; it’s just kitschy enough for my taste. Thumbs up!

Like a Man's watch, the uglier the better.


Spicy? Yes.
Soulless? Yes.
Soyonara? Yes.

1 star.

Pink pepper fun

Its not the spice cabinet I wish it was. Its a pink pepper frag, pretty sweet, pretty loud. The only aggressive thing about this grenade is the strength of the projection and juice in general. Not the composition, which I find nice and people pleasing. No one smells this on someone and thinks its daring. But thumbs up, since I think they did a pretty good job overall.

Today,before I left the house to take care of things. I wanted to do me a favour and had a few sprayers on my T-shirt. The prelude is spicy, sweet and fresh at the same time.
The notes I've perceived the most:
Bergamot, cinnamon, tobacco, pepper and amazingly Vetiver for the first time.
All in all a great fragrance, in a beautiful and humorous flacon.

I would also like to add something I have experienced with this fragrance. I have been on Parfumo/Basenotes for about 3 years and have been using fragrances for quite some time.
I can't remember receiving several compliments from strangers to one of my perfumes in just one day (like today).
In that regards, Spicebomb has really hit the people just like a grenade of fine and aromatic oils.This proves to me that Aventus is definitely not the King of fragrances and Invictus is not Invincible, and that unknown designer fragrances may have a pleasing and not an harassing effect on people in the environment of the wearer.

I should probably rate this as Neutral, but I give it a Thumbs Up out of sheer enthusiasm. I can't go into Sephora or a department store without trying on Spicebomb. And I often think that my love of the concept of "Spicebomb" is greater than the scent really is. I love what others might consider its tacky bottle, and the idea of spicy oriental "bomb" fragrance for men. Is Spicebomb all that? I don't know. What it is, really, is often a big mess, but a good intriguing one. And I'm not sure at all of the drydown. Sometimes I like it, and sometimes it's like one of those newsstand tobacconists, where some smells are captivating and others seem tawdry, like the aging and rather dingy carpet. In short, I think the tonka in Spicebomb stays too sweet for me, where I want my tobacco scents a little dirtier and deeper. But I wear it nonetheless and I love it.

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