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The opening blast is ginger-laden, with a cinnamon arising soon after. A rather mundane note of a basic white rum joins in soon, followed by some pink pepper as well as a pleasant cinnamon impressed. All this results in a sweet spice mix.

The drydown adds a coriander mainly, which is smooth and, together with hints of garlic, re-enforces the spices, aided by a discreet nutmeg in the background.

The base retains the sweetness but gradually loses the spices, replacing them with a nonspecific woodsiness on a slightly herbal background, like bay leaf and whiffs of basil. Eventually, all that is left is a sweet and bland woodsy note.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

Whilst thus scent for warmer autumn days displays so e interesting features initially inc creating a sweet spice mix that is rather pleasant, the subsequent phases are more generic and pedestrian in character in a synthetic way, and the base is quite dull. The performance, however, is very good. Overall somewhat middle-of-the-road. 2.5/5
11th October 2021
I like this. It is a different style that I had to get used to, but it has been winning me over.

It is like a non-vanilla, non-sweet version of Dior Homme Intense. I know Dior Homme Intense well, and Spice Blend feels like a companion fragrance. It's almost like a pencil sketch of Dior Homme Intense.
2nd November 2020

This smells like cheap nail varnish. Something is really off putting , a balsamic melony vibe. I remember reading a review of Dior's trio of vetiver tonka, spice blend and amber. The summary was that these are fairly airy diaphanous without much substance and could have done with more depth.
I agree. The vetiver tonka barely makes it to vetiver tonka status and to think you are paying over £200 for a bottle . Absurd. The Spice Blend is quite frankly embarassing to be seen with and should be flushed down the toilet, the Amber is actually a nice light dry amber and if you like that kind of thing is not bad at all but it leans feminine instead of unisex so this trio are an expensive washout for me.
12th August 2020
Rum and spices (cinnamon and pink pepper) with woody undertones. Supposed to be bay rum in there. I haven't smelled that before .
It's transparent airy and slightly sweet . Some bubblegum vibe in opening . It has something that reminds me a bit of balade sauvage which makes it steer away from being a masculine spicy fragrance.

9th July 2020
Spice Blend starts off strongly masculine, dries down to more fem, and then back to masculine again with the skin scent. Dried fruits and cola toward the top of the development while it becomes softer, more powdery and metallic in the drydown.

I really don't get any Spicebomb similarities. To me this is more classic, mature and refined. It's dressed up for a formal, older affair...not for the mall, a college party or for clubbing. It's not really even a date scent to me, more of an "already married and just want to smell nice for your wife" scent.

Performance is good all around. I'm able to easily smell this for 9+ hours and the projection during the first few hours is very good.
24th May 2020
Spice blend. Yup. The name says it all. It projects more masculine than feminine in my opinion. Subtle but good performances.
1st February 2020
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