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There are 3 reviews of Speick Men by Speick.

The Deostick is quite good. Really masculine scent..
Dec 24, 2017

Fresh lemon/orange EdC formula with a nice touch of bay leaf and what smells to me like sage or thyme. Very clean smelling.
Mar 23, 2014

This opens with a powerful citric blast of zesty lemon and bitter orange which diminishes over the course of an hour or two, revealing more of the light patchouli and Speick plant base. Speick, or Alpine Valerian, smells a lot like chamomile to my nose, but maybe a bit 'greener'. Anyway, the slightly soapy, sappy floral/patch base goes on, in its spring-fresh fashion, all day long. Recommended at its inexpensive price point, assuming you don't mind smelling of chamomile.
Mar 6, 2014

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