Spanish Amber fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Fir resin
  • Heart

    • Geranium, Sandalwood
  • Base

    • Amber

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Latest Reviews of Spanish Amber

This is amber from the word "go" - a smooth amber initially, but brightened up by a hesperidic citrus-style foundation that gives the amber unusually light-footed characteristics, which I appreciate more after wearing it repeatedly.

In the drydown a floral character develops, mainly rose, medium-bright rose with dark nuances. The amber remains in the forefront throughout, with just a more resinous impression added with time.

The base sees little change apart form the addition of a sweetish undertone, as if a touch of tonka was added discreetly.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and a tremendous fifteen hours of longevity on my skin.

A lovely scent for warmer autumn days, made in a lighter and at times a touch paler style, but displaying very good performance definitely worth trying if you are an ambero-philic person. 3.25/5.
12th December 2016
Steady Amber...

As soon as I smelled this, it immediately reminded me of Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens, but only in the opening. It consists of a linear, true-to-form amber which stays throughout. I think it is a fantastic value for money fragrance. If you want a fragrance which smells like straight amber, with no extra surprises... choose this one here.
20th December 2015

I have only tried this in eau de parfum. This is a mistake, because I almost never like that formulation. I have a lot of scent allergies, and solid perfume, parfum, extrait or oil forms are better and safer for me. This is a changeable scent for Pacifica, lots of nuance from spices, leather, and other stuff that I can't identify very well. Unfortunately, something in the other stuff gives me a headache unless the dose I'm applying is incredibly tiny, which you can't really do with the spray bottle. (this does not mean it's lovely and complex, with new details to learn every time... Pacifica tends towards very linear soliflores)

The amber isn't the star here. It's more of a leathery oriental with a skin scent quality from the amber. I like the scent in principle, but I can't wear it due to allergy issues.

I'd rate it as a very good starter oriental.
28th October 2014
This is my favorite scent from the Pacifica line. When layered with the body butter, it lasts all day on me.
Granted, it is pretty linear. The spray perfume starts out with a sharpish note that I don't detect in the solid or body butter. That quickly disipates, followed by a soft, low, 'under-the-radar' buzz of dry, clean leather. I get the image of a much-loved, worn-in saddle right after you have cleaned it with saddle-soap. I don't get a lot of sweetness out of this scent.
Not everyone wants to smell like an old saddle, even a clean one, but it is just right for me.
15th January 2011
I am trying to expand my fragrance repertoire. I bought a few of the Pacifica scents at a local store. Was not expecting much with Spanish Amber; so I got what I expected, which is not much :0( As a previous reviewer cited, this is a very basic, very boring "middle-of-the-road" amber scent. Smell it, apply it, smell it...that's it. Nothing special, nothing outstanding. For me, this scent had zero sillage, zero staying power just like all of the Pacifica scents. This fragrance is not one that will get comments from others. There is not a lot that can be said about Spanish Amber. I'm sure there are 100's of average Amber scents for sale just like this one from Pacifica.The Pacifica brand of scents remind me of something a bit more exotic than cologne or perfume one might by at The Body Shop or a similar retailer. Like three other Pacifica scents that I recently tried, Spanish Amber ended up for sale on eBay. Did not like it at all. Would never buy it again.
17th April 2010
This is an amber soliflore (soli-note?) of medium range.The benefits of this fragrance is the precision of application control. Middle and lower end Ambers can be difficult to apply-- too sweet, too heavy, too light, too thick, too much variation over time. "Spanish Amber" is easy to apply and neither grows nor shrinks much during wearing. It has about a 6 hour duration, and for that time it smells pretty much the same and at the same volume as ten mins. after application. That's the good news.The bad news is that same quality makes "Spanish Amber" really... amazingly... boring...It's not bad, it's simply unchanging in a way that makes it seem more like a scent for a soap that a perfume.
5th March 2010