François Demachy: 

Personally, I see this perfume as a profusion of vivid flowers on a silk scarf. Like a delicate breeze, a bouquet of jasmine, rose and tuberose delivers a sensual message, like a whisper on the skin, or a kiss at the nape of the neck.

Souffle de Soie fragrance notes

    • jasmine, rose, tuberose

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So soft as to be barely noticeable Nothing to write home about
30th June 2021
Floral delight, tastefully woven and a great ladies' fragrance (doesn't feel unisex to me). Souffle de Soie's fragrance triangle is:

Top - bergamot
Heart - elemi, tuberose, rose, jasmine
Base - cinnamon, patchouli, vanilla, violet, white musk

Obviously, this is not a purely floral-note concoction. All of these elements act to accent the jasmine, rose, and tuberose with their disctinctive elements. Yet, Demachy did a great job of keeping it all low-key, without being a cloyingly brash ladies' flower scent (SHUDDER).

Tasteful projection and lasts a long time. Does justice to the main cast of floral characters, and is decant-worthy at the least.
1st December 2018