A 2019 Re-release sequel to the original Honeysuckle adding Benzoin resin and a few additional essential hydrosol waters.

Son of Honeysuckle fragrance notes

    • Japanese Honeysuckle, Benzoin Resin

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This scent is simple. A dead-on hyper-realistic Honeysuckle flower. Nectarous and vibrant smelling. Excellent scent strength and sillage. I initially tried a sample and it really, really impressed me. I enjoy this one a lot. At the time of this review this scent is a Summer Seasonal (only available in the Summer months). I give this a 5 out of 5. This is what perfume traditionally is all about. This smells like a perfume transported out of 100+ years ago. Very old-world and traditional in its vibe, and very beautiful. This is a completely unisex scent. This floral scent can be worn by men or women without any particular vibe of masculine or feminine being invoked. I highly recommend this one. I frankly didn't expect this one to be this good, but it is.
29th May 2022