Solos: Coriander fragrance notes

  • Head

    • russian coriander, pepper, juniper needle
  • Heart

    • geranium, clove stem, clary sage
  • Base

    • musk, magnolia, mace

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Latest Reviews of Solos: Coriander

A perfect example of the kind of "shrill, radiating" woody niche scent that is a style I rarely enjoy, sharp cedar (synth)dar, mashed with "feshness" (ambrox, salty notes) and pick your spice, here coriander.
Dozens in the genre, many better, few good.
23rd January 2022
Not everything has to be a work of fine art. Some things are beautiful in their utilitarianship. Reminded me a lot of Eau de Lalique. Very nice; quite boring.
14th January 2021

This smells so much like fresh green coriander seeds and blossoms from the garden, with a bit of fresh green peppercorn and a white musk base. There are some subtle florals that carry this through, but above all this is an herbal scent with some softness and salinity. That said, it doesn't quite smell like anything else I've had my nose on.

It's the first cool weekend in NYC after a long hot summer, one to which I'm not ready to say goodbye. I reached for this immediately today, and have enjoyed every moment of its 8 hours of longevity. Usually this is my go-to spring fragrance, after the thaw of winter and the first buds on the trees–the air still a little crisp. It felt right today to return.

Coriander has some magic going on with it, and I don't quite know how else to say it. It's beautiful, subtle, unisex, and my standard-bearer for green fragrances. Nothing I've found comes close. (9.5/10)
10th September 2018
Coriander, herbs and a whiff of gentle spice - very natural and beautiful in the opening and the drydown. Warm and soft, but a bit too linear in the drydown.

Short-lived though: moderate sillage, adequate projection and three hours of longevity on my skin.

For the coriander fan in spring. 2.75/5.
2nd June 2016
D.S. & Durga's Coriander is a puzzling note mix, apart from the main note. Green, herby, minty, surely more for warm weather use but probably could work for both women and men. Of the other fragrances in the line, this is similar to Boston Ivy, due to the abovementioned qualities.

At first smell, it reminds me of Imaginary Authors' Mosaic or Falling Into the Sea but I'd have to double check that.

Much like Boston Ivy, I'm not moved by this very much, as it's not very interesting or fresh, but to each his/her own.

5 out of 10
7th July 2015
Herbal and aquatic. I really don't like the coriander note and don't like the blend. Listed as a feminine, I could see this as easily unisex.
18th June 2015
Fantastic. Tangy and green out of the bottle, a little kick of pepper, a lovely ode to coriander. It's a great note and under used in the industry so I am delighted to see it take center stage. My nose is untrained but I sense a little field of vetiver grass in the background.

Uplifting, sharp and clear, yet grounded. Uncomplicated. If, like me, you are a woman skeptical of big florals, fruits, and all things sweet, and want something green and natural, you must try this! One of my all time favorites so far.
4th November 2013
DelightfulI'm just starting out in fragrance, and love green/herbaceous scents. So happy I found this one! Green, tangy out of the bottle, a delicate kick of pepper, a minimal sweetness at the drydown. Open and not terribly complex. Shit, I love it.Pros: herby, minimal sweetnessCons:
1st October 2013
Another favorite of mine. It's mostly naturally brewed coriander essence (that's the whole point of D.S. & Durga - they brew their own essential oils), but it's interestingly deep despite the lack of multiple ingredients. Coriander doesn't smell like it tastes. In perfume, it's almost like red fruits, but in a round watery way that implies green lily-ish and brown tea undertones. In a way, it kind of smells like Raspberry Snapple, but with an underlying resinous depth that reminds me of the way rose geranium can simultaneously smell rosy, leafy, red, green, and herbal. If nothing else, it's a great way to appreciate coriander as a note.
29th December 2011
A lovely delicate green scent. Not easy to find in stores.
18th August 2011