Solo Loewe fragrance notes

    • Lavender, Thyme, Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Pink Pepper

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This fragrance exudes a refreshing and aromatic vibe with a hint of aquatic notes. The blend of guava, mandarin, and lavender creates a delightful combination that makes it an ideal choice for the spring and summer seasons. Its pleasant scent perfectly captures the essence of these seasons, making it a perfect companion for warmer weather.
25th June 2023
I've always seen this brand on fragrance shops and wanted to grab a bottle and see if the scents match the luxury, upscale vibe of the company. I grabbed 'Solo Loewe' by Loewe and expected it to be quite good, sort of a corporate, safe for work, professional office kind of smell. Indeed, it is.

The opening blast is a blend of citrus, mainly orange, layered with a warm amber note and strong woody aromatics. It immediate smells really well made, classy, strong and masculine. It's sexy without being too dark, its mature without smelling old school, and its modern without being too generic. It kind of smells like a high end, four-star hotel or an upscale men's clothing boutique to be honest.

Once it settles down, the citrus calms and the powerful woods come out. When matched with amber and a soft vanilla sweetness, this becomes gorgeous. The first couple hours this stuff projects very strongly and leaves a beautiful scent trail and arm's length bubble of fragrance. The base of amber and woods carries on until it becomes a simple skin scent of earthy woods with a hint of sweetness.

With eight sprays (neck, shoulders, chest and forearms), longevity was about six hours, but with strong projection for the first couple hours. Once it settles, it has moderate projection that is easily detectable but not offensive and sillage is also moderate. Not weak, not heavy, but office safe and event safe. It became a skin scent around six hours in, but it stays well on clothes for a good 10-12+ hours as a fresh, woody scent.

The prices for this are fairly reasonable, as it is a very well made scent which smells expensive and high quality. If it were a niche scent, it would easily sell for three times the amount it goes for now. This is a safe, inoffensive, classy fragrance for the well dressed gentleman over the age of 35+ who wants an easy reach for the Spring and Summer months. Definitely recommended.
6th October 2020

Very good light refreshing masculine fragrance. Citrus without being overly citrusy while still tangy. Why can't Hermes do this? Wear anywhere anytime but in cold weather go for Loewe 7 Anonimo (which is a poor mans Amouage Journey Man). Longevity could be better. After a couple of hours the fresh citrus had all but evaporated leaving a light pink pepper rather like an expensive fragranced tissue wipe which in my opinion points towards cost cutting and saving on imagination over-utilisation by Loewe but at least its pink pepper rather than the acrid - I can't imagine anyone genuinely liking this laziness of attitude or smell- get up your nose peppers used as a base in a lot of other fragrances.

Fragrance: 7.75/10
Projection: 7.5/10
Longevity 6.75/10
13th July 2018
What can I say more? Grab one if you find it. You won't regret. I just can't find it in my country & too afraid to buy from eBay.
15th February 2018
A bit of citrus, some sweetness and something kinda green. Not bad. Has a classic feel to it, not super-modern.

Projects nicely for the first 1-2 hours, then sits close to skin for 3-4 hours. After that, there's not much to smell.

Appropriate for casual or day wear.
20th March 2017
As I wore this through the day my mind kept going back to thoughts of Hermes' Terre, the original. Dirty, spicy and sweeter though tangerine instead of orange-add guava and no inert mineral note.

I had no hesitation in wearing this though like Hermes'TdH it seems to lean more towards the older gentleman.

Loewes, a Spanish company, has kept me happy with all their scents that I own so far.
20th September 2016
Genre: Fougère

Another misfired shot in the direction of Green Irish Tweed and Cool Water. I'm tempted to stop writing here and conserve space on the server, but I did wear this stuff for several hours, so I probably ought to say something.

Solo starts out smelling like a run-of-the-mill fruity-aquatic fougère, and that's pretty much where it stays. The opening is briefly distinguished by some sharp green and conifer notes, but the overall effect is still more aquatic than sylvan. Solo's heart aims at being crisp and fresh, but only manages harsh and thin. The drydown is both crude and sweet, projection is minimal (thank heavens) and the fragrance doesn't last all that long either. Like so many others of its breed, Solo is unremarkable, undistinguished, and hence utterly expendable.
3rd July 2014
Solo is a very nice smelling cologne. Like all the Loewe fragrances, this is top quality. The top fruity notes with the lavender and cinnamon make a very nice combination. It is elegant and very masculine. It lasts a very long time on me 7-8 hours.
27th June 2014
I find Solo a very modern fragrance that is perfectly balanced. The citrus, the wood, the spices, nothing outlast the other. It is a very contemporary quality fragrance.
3rd March 2014
One of the best fragrances I've ever felt in my life and the worst lasting power.
The first minutes are amazing. Fresh, subtle, elegant, sexy. When I smell it, I feel like the perfumer Giuseppe Baldini (Dustin Hoffman) when he smells the scent produced by Grenouille in movie "Perfume: The History of a Murderer".

HOWEVER, only a remnant of the original fragrance left on my skin after 30 minutes. After two hours of applying it, I can not detect anything on my skin. It's so weird that people praising its lasting power. I do not think the problem is my skin. I did a comparison. Applied a perfume that I consider long lasting (Bvlgari Extreme) in one arm and Solo in the other. Bvlgari Extreme sillage and lasting power "swallowed" Solo Loewe, wich was shy and disappeared quickly.

I bought the kit (Solo + necessaire). Reading the bottom of the bottle, I saw that it was manufactured in France. But Loewe is Spanish. I wonder if mine is fake ....
14th May 2013
I don't consider it incredible (gave it 3 stars on a relative comparison to my wardrobe), however, for its genre it's a great choice and its performance is excellent (lasts and projects better than I though). This flies under the radar, but it's a solid designer release.
8th December 2012