Soliflore Tuberose 
Dame Perfumery (2015)

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Soliflore Tuberose by Dame Perfumery

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Soliflore Tuberose is a women's perfume launched in 2015 by Dame Perfumery

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Reviews of Soliflore Tuberose by Dame Perfumery

There are 3 reviews of Soliflore Tuberose by Dame Perfumery.

As tuberose is a favorite note of mine, I rather enjoy this. It's crunchy. It doesn't have any sweetness or sour-greenness, as it isn't combined with anything else. Nor does it have the added effect of other floral notes to cloud my judgement. It has some starchiness to it. It isn't loud.

There is some green, leafiness to it, in the background. No noise. Now that I have smelled such a soliflore, I am impressed with its simplicity.

Personally, I would not wear such a soliflore, as I would tire of it. It would be an occasional scent.

Quite lovely overall, with a "hint" of honey-sweetness later on. It's cool. It's happy.

Dame's Soliflore line seems to be a great concept, especially form women, in exploring fresh florals. Tuberose is a not I sometimes like but sometimes don't, and in Dame's creation, I'm roughly on the fence here as well.

To Jeffrey's credit, it does make me think (and I don't claim to be a tuberose or floral expert) of a natural tuberose, neither as sweet nor as sharp as some creations I've tried. Overall quite fresh, without any other detectable accords, it's a predictably feminine-leaning but still pleasant floral, and decent-performing considering its composition, but not one I'd reach for.

6 out of 10

After my scarring experience with Gardenia, I was almost wincing the thought of having to try Tuberose, the last Dame Perfumery decant included in my swap with my American friend. Thankfully, Tuberose smells just like the tuberose used in Tubereuse Criminelle, which is to say, beautiful and slightly ugly and a bit weird (in a good way). It goes on smelling like spilled fuel, rubber, camphor, and Listerine – you know, tuberose. It's just tuberose, doing its tuberose thang. You either like it or you don't, but this is a good, straight-forward rendition for the purists out there that can't hack the oddness of Tubereuse Criminelle, the smoky tobacco of Tubereuse 3 Animale, or the hallucinogenic green freshness of Carnal Flower. Me, I will stick to the more evolved stuff. I got bored of this quite quickly.

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