Soliflore Rose de Mai 
Dame Perfumery (2015)

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Soliflore Rose de Mai by Dame Perfumery

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Soliflore Rose de Mai is a women's perfume launched in 2015 by Dame Perfumery

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Reviews of Soliflore Rose de Mai by Dame Perfumery

There are 3 reviews of Soliflore Rose de Mai by Dame Perfumery.

Rose de Mai is a tricky bitch, for me... I either hate it, or can just barely tolerate this type of rose. Here, it is tolerable - nice, even. It's got a rotting green thing going on, at first. Kind of metallic or hot electrical wire accord. Moldy petals wrapped in aluminum foil. A gift, a curse, from beyond the grave...
Actually, this becomes pretty, after time. Less rot, more old-school rose with lots of greenery - no sugar-sweetened fluff but, a hint of honey. It dries. It powders out. Fairy-dust magic redeems itself.
Impressed, I am!
It gussy's up later, with wear. Gobsmacked? Yes! An unusual rose, to be certain...

Dame Perfumery's Soliflore Rose De Mai is bright and fresh, a bouquet of roses in your face, reminding me somewhat of the Desert Rose perfume that I tried a couple of years ago.

Rose De Mai isn't a type of rose that I'm very familiar with, but I like its expression here---sharp, bright, yet still refreshing. Feminine, but not terribly more so than any other fresh rose tends to be. Not my favorite type of rose composition but still somewhat interesting.

The Soliflore line offers a purity and freshness in florals, it seems, but that offers that challenge of enjoying just the singular floral note that accompanies each. Inherently it's feminine, despite me being a rose lover myself, but that's not generally problematic.

Performance is okay---not quite good or great, but just, say, average, mediocre for a freshie EDT.

Still, the craft and care of the brand and the perfumer Jeffrey Dame are obvious even though I confess this one isn't quite for me despite being, say, pleasant enough.

6 out of 10

It is an odd thing that an EDT could be so powerful as well as long-lasting, but this bottle has quite the mojo!

I sampled this about four months ago and really enjoyed it. I was on the fence as to whether or not to indulge myself in a full bottle, even though the price is rather astounding for such great juice and such a large amount. But, it stayed in the back of my mind, and then it clicked: LAYERING!

I have found that sometimes I just want a bit of rose in a scent - perhaps more than it already has, perhaps it has none, or I have an oil I'd like to add some depth to - this is my answer!

Now, as for the scent profile - it's a soliflore, but please be warned! This is a challenging rose that goes on somewhat pungent at first - if you have used organic Bulgarian rosewater for your face, you will understand! But after about twenty minutes, it truly reveals itself to be THE rose many of us search for. I experimented layering with various scents, from vintage to current to oils. It was exactly what I wanted - and when I just want a rose, this will be that bottle I reach for.

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