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Tom Ford (2019)

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Reviews of Soleil Neige by Tom Ford

There are 5 reviews of Soleil Neige by Tom Ford.

The opening is a standard bergamot, which is giving an unusual twist by an impression of carrot seeds that is faints but otherwise executed quite well.

The drydown is dominated by white floral aromas, with a bright orange blossom joining with a standard karmaflor; a slightly green jasmine is developing too at that stage. The jasmine lingers on for quite a long time, with residual touches still evident much later in the base. Further down the track a restrained (Turkish per the company's description) rose is evident, mainly a rose blossom, but it remains rather nonspecific on me for a while, before gaining in character a bit.

The base starts with a transient labdanum when development gets closer to the base notes; then the rest is a vanilla, with touches of a slight resinous benzoin mixed in. Closer to the end some lashings of white musks enforce the sweetness of the vanilla impression.

I got moderate sillage very good projection, and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

This scent for transitional seasons, best suitable for spring and autumn, has some original features initially, but the later development had rather generic phases. One nice this in the base is that the musks are not suffocating the rest of the mix at the end. The performance is very good.

Whilst the start contains a touch of soleil, I am not sure where the neige might hide - molten away? Overall 2.75/5
Jul 13, 2021

Can't think of it at the moment, but this smells a lot like one TF's other private blend fragrances. A bit of orange blossom and jasmine with a vanilla background. The ladies will enjoy this one more the fellas. 6.5
Dec 31, 2019

I was hoping to find some Soleil Blanc in this, but stronger, with a fresh but wintertime feeling. I can't feel anything else than Cologne-style citrus. Ok, creamy vanilla and a tiny bit of animal flower. Disappointing, boring, but not to the point of being negative.
Nov 26, 2019

The latest Tom Ford Private Blend release is Soleil Neige, which translates to “sun snow,” presumably hinting that it's a cold-weather daytime fragrance. It has a sparkly, fresh floral quality to it, slightly sweet. There's some citrus hints (bergamot, orange blossom), but not much fruitiness, further distancing it from seemingly being crafted for the summer, despite being fairly light as it dries down into a mix of florals (jasmine, rose) and a smooth base of labdanum, benzoin, vanilla, and musk.

It definitely feels most appropriate as a daytime wear, and while having feminine touches, is fairly unisex, overall. Some will find the floral / vanilla / musk blend to be inherently feminine, though, I'm sure, but I'd still encourage anyone to try it out as it's fairly agreeable.

As often is the case, the retail cost of a Tom Ford Private Blend fragrance, even on the lower end–currently $240 for 50ml–feels like a stretch, particularly for the relatively light offerings of the line, in contrast to the heavier, denser Tobacco Vanille, Noir de Noir, Tuscan Leather, etc., even in their reformulated incarnations. Something like Soleil Neige is a tough sell, but I still think it's a great fragrance and should be sought after on the secondary market or at a discount from retailers.

Overall, I'm quite happy with Soleil Neige and will enjoy it year round, I think, as a primarily daytime option.

8 out of 10
Oct 16, 2019

Here we have another sort of genre experiment in the white-clad "Soleil" sub-line of the Private Blend collection. This time, we get semi-futuristic synthetic floral showcasing a dark Turkish rose and jasmine blend that lacks any of the sultry indole or Gothic overtones this combination usually possesses, almost as if Tom Ford sought to make a "neutered" version of a heady Turkish rose scent safe for all the upper-class Karens to wear when they insist on speaking to your manager. I am a sucker for rose perfumes, but unlike Noir de Noir (2007) or Cafe Rose (2012), I don't know if I can bring myself to fully endorse what Tom Ford has done here. Of interesting note, carrot seed makes an appearance here, and it adds a pseudo-violet tone to reinforce the overall floral tone, but otherwise doesn't really stand out. Soleil Neige (2019) draws in curiosity but because of the deliberate adultery going on, is not destined to be a favorite among niche heads who are usually fans of the line, nor is it straightforward enough for hardcore rose fans.

The opening of Soleil Neige (2019) is bergamot and that aforementioned carrot seed, but moments later the Turkish rose hits and establishes that yes, this is another dark-ish rose-focused Tom Ford Private Blend. However, unlike the others, we don't get a rich confectionary patchouli rose or dry gothic rose thanks to the lack of any such supporting elements to get us there in the olfactive sense. Yeah, there is jasmine, but it's hedionic in nature and flanked with neroli. Something called "karmaflor" (by Givaudan) also makes a show, and is in the same train of thought as IFF's "karmawood" in that it presents a wholly synthetic aroma meant to mimic something in nature, being flowers this time instead of wood. The karmaflor adds an interesting mix between lily of the valley and frangipani to the mix, but is so dialed down as not to disturb the rose. Labdanum, musk, benzoin, and vanilla provide the usual "floriental" base Tom Ford is so fond of, just with a much lighter scent riding on top. Wear time is all day and sillage is deceptively high for something that presents itself as gentle and transparent upon initial inspection, but as a tongue-in-cheek deconstruction of tropes (another Tom Ford-ism), I also am not surprised. If this kind of thing is your cup, I imagine it would wear well almost anywhere, and is pretty versatile for rich rose scent.

As mentioned, the Karens of the world will undoubtedly like the "expensive smelling" but mostly safe progression of clean citrus into rose then semi-creamy base notes, with the fact that a characteristically dark rose is standing in for the usual tea rose or Bulgarian rose totally lost on them. Perfume aficionados that know their roses will find this little number to be an odd exercise in "can we do it but should we do it", although I don't see that amounting to a bunch of sales for Tom Ford because there are just better executions of Turkish rose. To me, this is like making a whiskey sour with a really rare and deep vintage spirit rather than the usual well-grade whiskey you find at bars. Sure, it'll taste like a whiskey sour with an added bit of depth from having an uncommon ingredient, but what you've really done is intentionally underutilized your ingredients in a senseless display of decadence. Most Tom Ford Private Blend scents are just that anyway, so I guess I'm not really telling you something you don't already know. Soleil Neige is a neat little curiosity, but not worth the steep price for admission at only 50ml per bottle. Neutral.
Sep 28, 2019

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