Sole di Positano 
Tom Ford (2017)

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Sole di Positano by Tom Ford

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Sole di Positano is a shared scent launched in 2017 by Tom Ford

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Reviews of Sole di Positano by Tom Ford

There are 8 reviews of Sole di Positano by Tom Ford.

The opening is a paradigmatic citric summer blast: bergamot (Calabrian per the company blurb), oranges, mandarin and a lemon - the latter determines the overall lack of sweetness and that touch of a tangy undertone I get. Very lovely and refreshing, but only lasting for the first couple of hours or so.

Then floral notes emerge, with an orange blossom being dominant on me; although a muguet with touches of a very light ylang-ylang, a touch of pallid shiso leaves, and a faint jasmine in the background. Towards the end a bit a wood-free neroli and a bland set of white musks make brief appearances.

I get moderate sillage, good projection, and five hours of longevity on my skin.

This summer scent lives by the first part, the citrus blast. The rest is rather mediocre, except for the orange blossom. 3.25/5

I have tried all of the TF Neroli frags and this is by far the best one. Do not pass it up if you already own TFNP. For one thing the performance is definitely far better than the others, and that includes NP Forte. I get a solid 6-10 hours depending on how much I apply. I have gotten several compliments and it's one of my wife's top favorites as well. Literally every time I wear it she notices and compliments how good I smell. That being said, the first time I tried it I definitely got more of a feminine vibe compared to the other neroli frags, which seems in line with the other reviews here. However I think it's only feminine leaning in the opening, and once it settles in it has a very rich earthy and mossy quality to it, and leans more masculine. It has a note that I can't describe that my wife refers to as "tortilla chips" which doesn't sound that great in a cologne, but somehow it really works and makes it far more unique than any of the other nerolis. Definitely try this one, because it is not simply a copy of TFNP and if I had to pick one neroli frag from the TF line it would be this one.

So far my fave from Tom Ford. This perfectly balances a fresh citrus opening with a white floral background. Very complex and expensive smelling.

Yet another lovely citrus floral that is meant to evoke images of Italian coastal places, and does a great job!

I find parallels of experience between SdP and Fleur de Portofino: More feminine-leaning and floral-rich than I may feel comfortable wearing.

Nonetheless, SdP is a classy, well-made EdP from Tom Ford that uses exotic ingredients like ylang ylang, shiso, and lily-of-the-valley to take the mind to sunny bright environs. Moss adds a moderate dryness, but overall SdP smells about the same as others in the Neroli Portofino line, with better longevity and more distinct Mediterranean "views."

A little too feminine, but a nice fragrance indeed. The ladies will really like this one. The first two notes that I got were Mandarin and Lily of the valley. Future gift for the Mrs.?

Sole di Positano smells very nice. The problem in my mind is that it basically smells like Neroli Portifino, and I already have Neroli Portofino, so I have no need for SdP. I pick up more petitgrain in the opening of SdP than I do in the opening of NP, but it really does smell A LOT like NP. So, if you're trying to decide on a nice neroli based fragrance and you don't own either one of these, then give this a try. The only other difference I would say is the longevity seems better in Neroli Portofino than in Sole di Positano. In fact, SdP almost feels more like an Eau de Cologne than it does like an Eau de Parfum, whereas NP feels more like an EDP. Neutral rating for me as I try to figure out why Tom Ford would go to the trouble of releasing so many fragrances that are basically the same thing with different names. I guess it's because some people just have to have one of everything.

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