Soir de Paris / Evening in Paris (original) 
Bourjois (1928)


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Soir de Paris / Evening in Paris (original) by Bourjois

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Soir de Paris / Evening in Paris (original) is a women's perfume launched in 1928 by Bourjois

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Reviews of Soir de Paris / Evening in Paris (original) by Bourjois

There are 11 reviews of Soir de Paris / Evening in Paris (original) by Bourjois.

Procured an old bottle of this, literally across the street at the antique mart. It has held up very well. An old-fashioned blend of bergamot, violet, clover, lilac, dark rose, green jasmine, and styrax. Comes off as aldehydic even though none really exists. It lasts only for a few hours (probably because of its age). I poured this into an atomizer bottle for use. It helps tremendously with the notes identification; the dispersion of molecules, I guess you'd say. I'd classify this as a unisex perfume. It isn't sweet at all.

A glorious ode to a feeling. The vintage evening in paris is intimate, emotional and utterly refined. Like an armful of sweet, delicate flowers in a powdery aura. Romantic without inappropriately old-fashioned. It is what you imagine the most beautiful woman in a belle epoque painting. The violet is most dominant notes but it is not an innocent violet, this is a mature grown up violet and iris. A heady blend of iris, violet, rose and heliotrope with an intriguing background of vanilla and sandalwood makes a timeless and very french scent reminder a wonderful princess in a velvet dress. The vanilla gives depth withut being foody. It really smells of another time.

(The original) Outstanding. Lucky to have inherited several bottles, all still good.

I recently discovered a small vial of this that I've owned for 12 years, but since I wasn't into perfumes until recently, I'd ignored the precious scent inside, opting instead to display the lovely blue laydown flacon.

When I discovered it recently I immediately tried a few drops. The very start of the opening was slightly off, but it immediately warmed to my skin, bursting into a creamy, luxurious scent reminiscent of Schocking, but without quite such full on skank. I'd say it's got a hint of that dirty feel too it, but it's softer and more inviting than most of the typical animalics.

The blending is so smooth that I can't immediately pick out individual notes. I believe it's got a bit of civet in it and perhaps honey as well. Lovely and even inexpensive still! Highly recommended.

what i find most surprising is the degree to which this classic scent was devalued in the public mind because it was sold at woolworth's, where, in the 50s, you could get the cobalt laydown with the tasselled cap for one dollar. it became the butt of numerous jokes - in fact, the reformulated version should be stood in a shower with much soap until all the chemical fumes are wonder there's a brisk trade in the original.

I found an original of the 1950's foaming bath in the classic cobalt bottle at an antique shop on Cape Cod this past weekend. The difference in the original and new fragrance are like night and day. Hard to say how much reformulation had to be done for the foaming bath versus the parfum.

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