Soir de Lune 
Sisley (2006)

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Soir de Lune by Sisley

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Soir de Lune is a women's perfume launched in 2006 by Sisley

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Reviews of Soir de Lune by Sisley

There are 23 reviews of Soir de Lune by Sisley.

Anything by Dominique Ropion goes straight to the top of my sniff list.
But too often, once sniffed, it goes straight back to the bottom.
This is one of his duds; a sour plastic floral.

She is trying to capture and seduce him the whole time. To entice him, she wears what appears to be the most fabulous diamond necklace and flaunts it in front of him in very sexy scenes. She insists him touch the necklace, and grabs his hand and brings it to her chest. I imagine this fragrance being inhaled from her chest. This is 'Grace Kelly' in 'To catch a Thief'.

A cool dry green classic chypre, there is nothing a 21st century about this scent. It has some similarities with the other great chypre perfumes from 70/80s. sharp, herbal, sweaty, gluey, seductive, rich, deep but clean. During the opening, this scent has such a strong,in-your-face freshness, but still manages to have a lightness about it. Mimosa sweet-the whole blooming tree. A hint of bergamot, and of course coriander seed oil adding a delicate, dry spiciness. These top notes smell like cool, wet grass. The heart of fragrance is a heady blend of florals, but there are so many, and in relatively low concentration, that is feels vague and somewhat damp. Perhaps like smelling flowers in a rain storm. The rose is perhaps the most prominent. This is followed by a smooth sandalwood dry down. The soapy oakmoss is lovely and prevents the patchouli from dominating and making the scent to earthy and the honey is adding a hint of sweetness keeping the scent from becoming too bitter.

This is for a woman comfortable with her femininity, who carries herself with such class that others envy her and even want to be her, she is dulled up in perfection. Perfect for autumn, winter and early spring. It's a bargain for any lovers of true chypres and is definitely worth buying. Great sillage and longevity.

Beautiful, classic-style perfumery opening. Savory spices. Tangy, perky lemon & bergamot. Rose moves in immediately, adding a dark, moody, cold month feeling.
Rose lasts. Other flowers, compliment. Bitter green, pissy, at times. No teen-age crap here, in regards to overpowering sweet-candy-vileness. Mature and stern in its presence.
Actually, this smells like more of a Turkish rose to me.
Slight ammonia smell at times. Strong LOTV, later.
Sharp, bitter base notes. Greenish patchouli. Greenish sandalwood. Wood, wood, sandalwood! Still no girlishly sweet here, with time.
Rose, goes on and on.
And on and on.

It seems reversed. The opening is, surprisingly, all about honey. Then comes the peach, and follows a sweet rose that stays and stays and stays until it becomes powdery.


A gift from my daughter ( who knows me so well)! Its lovely, wearable. Clean...... review from Darvant made me smile because I'm British and yes, it does evoke clean, and laundry, but for some of us there is something powerfully aphrodisiac about that!

Whenever I go shopping for perfumes, I bring home the little pieces of paper on which the fragrances are sprayed. I use them as bookmarks. One day I came home with Soir de Lune, and my cats fell in love with it. I showed them the other scents I brought, but they behaved with this one as if catnip was its main note.

I bought it, of course. When your cats are so eager to tell you something, you better listen -- even if they prove to have such expensive tastes.

I love it, and I think it is a very elegant, sophisticate fragrance. Any celebrity walking the red carpet would be fine in it. However, as I live on a more modest scale, and in a tropical city to boot, I have the feeling, now and then, that we were not made for each other.

That's when I spray my 4711 on, step out into the sunshine and wonder what life in a cold climate would be like.

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