A range of 16 fragrances for men and women, each representing different districts of New York.

So New York fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, osmanthus, mirabelle
  • Heart

    • expresso accord, patchouli, walm milk accord, muguet, peony
  • Base

    • precious woods, tonka bean, musk, cocoa powder

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An interesting combination of a pretty floral and an Angel-inspired coffee gourmand, deftly using a spiced patchouli to fuse the two styles together.

As such, there's a lot happening here. The floral elements mix together into something non-specifically "floral" with the round "pinkness" of rose and the soapy "whiteness" of lily. The patchouli mixes with this to give the illusion of a woody undertone, while simultaneously mixing with bergamot to give a sour green mossy chypre quality as well.

Meanwhile, there's smoky roasted coffee, as well as crème brûlée burnt caramel and a milky vanilla making up a gourmand base. The hard-working patchouli contributes to this as well, adding to the illusion of caramel.

Given time, everything melts together into a sweet floral with dark, woody undertones and hints of vanilla. Later, I smell mostly floral soap.

It takes a deft hand to combine an Angel gourmand with coffee, woods, AND an entire floral chypre, so I'm quite impressed. Thumbs up.

21st June 2022
It's not bad. This is not unisex though because some do classify it as that.

In the opening I am immediately reminded of Lancôme Hypnôse and Mugler Alien but those 2 are better than this.

In stead of going sweet however, So New York adds a sourish blueberry jam to the mix. I get no sweetness of tonka nor of anything else. I also don't get espresso or warm milk so that's just marketing.

I doesn't feel like it has that many notes in it. I'd say jasmine, muguet, white musk and then whatever gives it that blueberry jam like scent. Is it the mirabelle?

Better go with Alien or Hypnose girls. Older women might appreciate the lack of sweetness though.
22nd June 2021

In the fall, this shines. On a cool night this shines. It's unisex- don't believe this for the ladies only. I was very surprised by this and would gladly buy it again. Does it project? yes, but not to epic proportions. You will be noticed and get complimented. It's different enough to warrant a purchase. This is lipstick, sweet and very much a gourmand fragrance.
24th April 2018
Very nice fragrance but not different or nice enough to warrant the price.
5th March 2015
Gorgeous Fragrance, Masterpiece! Beautiful scent created by Monsieur Laurent Le Guernec. Gorgeous blend of citrus and gourmand notes; Perfect!Pros: Uplifting and refreshing; very long lasting.Cons: None
22nd May 2013
I was pleasantly surprised by this offering from Bond No9 - I find the whole range seems to focus more on packaging and brand positioning and the juice is always okay, but boring.This one actually gets the thumbs up from me because the fragrance does something clever. There's an old-fashioned, almost original formula Miss Dior hiding inside the thinned-out Angel. Fun!
27th July 2010
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