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A thick carpet of silver envelops the landscape, untouched but for the dazzling reflection of the sun. Snow stretches as far as the eye can see, while a bitter wind rolls silently across the sky, its hush barely broken by the powerful beat of an ivory wing. Despite the stillness of the arctic, the snowy owl senses a flutter beneath the icy crust far below. Through snowy tunnels voles scamper, oblivious to their fate. A warm glow stirs within the breast of the majestic bird as it dives, confident in its mastery over the frigid kingdom.

Zoologist Snowy Owl glides on with a minty opening, while the gentle warmth of musk combines with beautiful hints of snowdrops, lily of the valley and iris. Sweet coconut and woody vanilla swoop in to surprise and entice. Snowy Owl merges cool vitality with exquisite softness in a captivating scent, ideal for those who aren't afraid to take what they desire.

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Reviews of Snowy Owl by Zoologist Perfumes

There are 6 reviews of Snowy Owl by Zoologist Perfumes.

Interesting opening. It’s a water + dirt combo. The description evokes an owl hunting small underground creatures, so the notes fit. Over time, floral fruit (melon maybe) emerges.

The scent isn’t particularly normal, but it’s easily wearable. Based on one spray, the scent sticks close to the skin and dies out within a couple hours.

I like this perfume. The perfumer went for a specific mental image and accomplished it.

Weird scenes in the camphorated snow
the smell of green minty of a medicinal cabinet
tastes original and off balance
there is something completely enthralling in it

"It smells like a barn", a friend who grew up on a farm said to me. "No, it's wet hay" said another.

I sort of disagree: the scent is really like a wet bale of straw that's been sitting in the field all winter, and is now getting moldy. You pick up some of it off, and realize that it's kind of slimy, so you decide not to use it for bedding. That's what this is. It's not a terrible fragrance, but I don't get any of Zoologist's reference points from this. Maybe I'd wear it if I went on a trail ride.

Not to be contrary, but the power of suggestion hasn't worked for me with this one – the snow-laden arctic landscape with its silent owl flying through the bitter chill refuses to come to mind. Instead the impression is more of cold stone and chalk with pale green floral life (cast in a slightly aquatic mode) beginning to stir; an intimation of spring done differently to the usual ‘meadow flowers and sappy greens' approach. So much for the nit-picking. Where Snowy Owl remains true to the house approach is in its unconventionality. There are shades of florists shops and the usual cool lily of the valley bouquet that figure in such light green florals, but the chalkiness (not to be confused with perfume powderiness of which there is little evidence here) and, later, a coconut nuance rendered pale and almost rubbery are unusual twists. Snowy Owl refuses to walk the line, and it's oddness remains approachable, but in its play of shades there is little that holds me captive, much that is nice.

Heavy, outdoorsy aroma. Reminds me of a cold, foggy day, after a wet snowfall... Musty and "cold". I wished I smelled more coconut or mint... The dense cloud slowly lifts to reveal an earthy iris note. Other notes are very well blended, for now, in the heart. So far, nothing sweet or overly flowery. Still, an earthy scent, to my nose.

A few hours later, perfume-y galbanum and pale incense emerge. And still, it is cold to me although it becomes milder. Some muskiness, in time.

The least "intense" of all the Zoologist scents I've tried. I'd wear this any month, maybe less so in summer.

This is my first try of the latest release from the house of Zoologist, Snowy Owl, created by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. It's fresh, floral, green, and woody, balancing the concept of snow with the wooded habitat of its namesake. The note selection is varied and interesting, the most prominent to me being lily of the valley, mint, iris, mate, resins, cedar, civet, and musk. It has a vegetal aroma, as well, though not nearly as heavily as in the early version of Panda.

Overall, Snowy Owl feels like a good balance of realistic outdoor expressions (florals, woods) and more artistic, fantastic elements of snow, and this makes for a really pleasant, easily wearable perfume. Predictably it's a little more pronounced and a bit sharper, with almost an herbal smell in the opening, and it dries down to a smoother blend over time, which is not at all surprising.

Snowy Owl is priced at $165 for 60ml (roughly in line with the rest of the house) at 25% (parfum) concentration and is sold via the house site and all of the great boutiques through which it is usually sold, including Perfumology, Indiescents, and Luckyscent. I'd certainly recommend Perfumology because of the great service and spray samples available.

7 out of 10

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