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Snake Oil by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

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There are 12 reviews of Snake Oil by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

One reviewer above comments that "it makes me feel like a dirty child gorging on marshmallows in front of a campfire". I think that's a very fair assessment - and for anyone who has not yet experienced the joy of tossing away the tuxedo, shredding the opera tickets and living in the moment (by which I mean getting smashed around a fire at a music festival with your dearest friends), I heartily recommend trying this scent!

For my personal taste Snake Oil is a little too sweet and not grounded enough, but it's also famous among BPAL fans for developing differently on everyone, and remains the Lab's top selling fragrance. BPAL are not a house of sophistication and urbanity, they are a house of glorious, subversive individuality, and Snake Oil is an icon of that style.

I was very dubious about trying this. But I managed, finally, to get an Imp sized bottle to try. The label that was on the bottle smelt very sweet. I could definitely smell the aroma of Vanilla along with a very old musky smell to it. I also noticed after wearing for a few days that it smells slightly different every time I wear it, which is very intriguing. Depending on what your specifically looking for, it has all the qualities I wanted...something totally out there, that most people don't know about. A mysterious scent that nobody instantly recognises. But try not to put to much on. Though judging by it's current exclusiveness, I have stopped wearing mine for the time being because it's proving to be very hard to get.

This perfume is okay but when I wear it people ask if I have baby powder on. I prefer perfumes that actually smell like perfume. However, I can still see some similarities with Shalimar, and I can understand why it might be mistaken for that fragrance. Personally, I like Shalimar more though.

Snake Oil is a beatifully rich, sweet and musky blend that gets better and better as it ages. It's an addictive scent that has me huffing at my wrists whenever I wear it. It's seductive and commanding - a real 'notice me!' scent. Beautiful.

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