Smoked Old Fashioned fragrance notes

    • smoked orange bitters, bourbon vanilla, cedarwood

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Smoke on the Whiskey
Icy, oily, sweet and sour
Orange distilled to

Pickup truck graveyard
In all its bitter beauty
Every wrong turn

Every mistake
Recycled like news into
More persistent truth

Carbon, iron, steel
In breath-taking Feynman arc
Across Dead Man’s Curve

Ev’rything seems wrong
Like an old leather jacket
That shouldn’t be worn

Made right by doing
What if others don’t like it?
Not their universe.
4th December 2023
I have to say that this scent is the most interesting men’s cologne I’ve ever smelled. It reminds me of Christmas time. I plan to buy a bottle when I get the chance. It’s definitely a mature scent. So I don’t think twenty somethings couldn’t pull this off.
25th October 2022