Smoke for the Soul 
By Kilian (2014)

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Reviews of Smoke for the Soul by By Kilian

There are 14 reviews of Smoke for the Soul by By Kilian.

I don't get the cannabis hype on it, and I love this! I do! I love this so much that the price tag makes me want to weep. It has a wonderful sour edge from grapefruit, and it has a clean, green, almost, but not quite antiseptic lightness to it that the eucalyptus adds. It also has a light woody note from birch that keeps it a bit grounded and a Cashmirwood note softens the green in your face feel just enough to make it not obnoxious. I really don't smell too much cannibis. This is more like Zahtar, the Middle Eastern thyme spice mixture.
Dec 8, 2020

A woody-coniferous thing that wouldn't be out of place next to the likes of Bottega Veneta pour Homme. Not very edgy or interesting, but pleasant.
Oct 12, 2020

Slight medicinal note on top, which is this perfume's only redeeming quality. A bit of tobacco. Mild, distant wood. "Weed" smell is minimal - more like a muddled memory from long gone, rock concert days. Overall pretty boring for me.
Aug 14, 2018

You may be amused, you may be irritated, you may even want to get the bong out, but if you don't know what black hash smells like you won't get the joke.

And that's all Smoke for the Soul is, a joke. A devastatingly accurate portrayal of black hash ; a mere prank, not a mature fragrance idea.

Don't wear it going through customs!

Sep 4, 2017

A richly decadent textured scent.the scent of a dark boudoir full of smoke and a malencholiac woman in a burgundy gown reclining on a plush leather chaise lounge.a head turner but not in a special of those fragrances that people either love or hate it.
Herbaceous,Smoky,Opulent,Decadent,Woody,Addictive and Mysterious,

it opens with a wallop of dirty,earthy green scent of eucalyptus and cannabis,breathing down the back of your this notes fades,theres a transitional smoky accord challenging scent but there is a certain beauty in its sharp edges.the dry down leaving behind an intensely woody warm.the result is ignites an obscure passion in the wearer.not an everyday wear scent.

Sillage?Pretty Good.

Longevity?Acceptable on my skin.

Jun 18, 2016

Cannabis smoke and cardamom are quite well executed in the opening notes, and the drydown is adding a rather generic wood aroma that is unfortunately much less convincing.

At times whiffs of a greeninsh undertone are present, but otherwise I do not get much more development for the rest of the time. And that time is short; I get three hours of longevity in my skin. With moderate sillage and just adequate projection, the longevity is awfully short for a scent that is not citrus-based. 2.75/5
Dec 22, 2015

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