Slow Explosions 
Imaginary Authors (2016)

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Slow Explosions by Imaginary Authors

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Slow Explosions is a shared scent launched in 2016 by Imaginary Authors

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Reviews of Slow Explosions by Imaginary Authors

There are 13 reviews of Slow Explosions by Imaginary Authors.

Some people call perfumery a wearable art - well, this particular scent is more like unwearable art to me.

Very, very medicinal take on 'leather'. Smells like medicine cupboard and some spillage. After a couple of hours it turns into overripe apples that are not rotting yet - but are already thinking about it.

In general, this scent scores very high on the "Wow, it's interesting!" scale and very low on "I want to smell like this" scale to me.

When I first spritzed this, I was overwhelmed by the smell. Not in a good way, not in a bad way--it was just A LOT. AS the hours went on, it settled into the scent of spilled apple juice. I find it a little sickly, unfortunately.

I love this one, which is a shocker, because it contains notes that I don't normally gravitate towards.

This one is all about rose, saffron, and leather to me. the opening is a smokey vanilla, rose, saffron and oud. The oud smell is just a very clean leather, I mean, it has to be.. There's a dark hazelnut or caramel sort of accord, and I also get a menthol or camphor like accord in the opening too. It is indeed polarizing, and opens up with a lot going on, hitting me in many ways, with many facets.

I don't think this is the typical rose/oud combo. It's also ridiculously strong in the opening, and even for the first 2 hours. This one is and eventual buy for me.

I think it's not as popular because, although it is unique, it's just not strange enough for the typical Imaginary Author fan. This and Saint Julep have been 2 of the only ones I would consider completely wearable from start to finish.

Side note, this does contain the signature Imaginary Authors burnt sugar accord.

It really really reminds me of rose/oud, but it isnt listed as a note. I think its the leather and rose/apple.
The opening gives a blast of apples and the drydown is more leather and leather. It kinda reminds me of Dzing! Leather with a bit of interest

Apple opening then blending in with a jammy rose and cashmere leather. The apple alone was o.k., but with the rose and leather it is off-putting. Nothing like Tuscan Leather IMO, and smells to me more like a sour wine soaked leather. The rose is odd smelling as well and it's pretty loud for just two sprays from a 2ml sampler. I didn't care for it anymore after a second wearing and a single spray. Just not my style.

Starts off with a really strong apple note. I've heard it compared to Calvados and Braeburn apples both of which are accurate descriptions. There is a really strong white wine note on my skin, which is a bit off-putting.

There's a good rose note similar to Turkish Delight and a boozy sort of leather which reminded me of drinks that are flavoured with "bourbon whiskey".

It's an interesting concept and is skilfully formulated. It's just not for me. Price in the UK (2020) is £90 for 50ml which is OK value for a niche fragrance.

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