Single Malt 
By Kilian (2015)

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Single Malt by By Kilian

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By Kilian
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Created exclusively for the Harrods Boutique, Single Malt is 'an homage to London and its most emblematic liquor: whisky.'

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Reviews of Single Malt by By Kilian

There are 10 reviews of Single Malt by By Kilian.

The grain and sweetness combine to an accord that's whisky-like in nature. But not overtly boozy. There's a ghost of tobacco that drifts in and out of the composition. Very enjoyable, but the dry-down fell flat for me. It's turns into a mere powdery vanilla after several hours on my skin.

Sweet, rich woody fragrance without much connection with malt whisky in my opinion. Smelled blind, I doubt you would identify a connection with that drink. Like Femininity du Bois and all these similar woody oriental compositions, it doesn't do much for me.

This is indeed a Whiskey scent.
If you spray it on your neck you will walk around being aware of this subtle delicious smell. Its linear in this respect for a good 3 hours. However. If you put your nose close to your skin where of course you hope your partner's nose will be you get this skanky urinal vibe. Not pleasant at all.
Maybe that gives it the power to project and enjoy at a distance rather like an impressionist painting.

Imagine the scene though where you get a compliment and someone says wow what are you wearing and they lean forward to savour the smell and you've lost before you've even said a word! There is no coming back from that. So null points in fact penalty points for teasing us with a would be masterpiece.

Fragrance: 8/10 at a distance. But real life is different.
Projection: 8/10
Longevity: 7.75/10

Such a shame:
This really gets the projection right. You could pull it off day or evening as opposed to Frank Muller's excellent Conquistador which is a delicious Cognac scent but strictly evening only. I went to the gym and after a while it was so strong (one spray!!) it began to annoy me. That said spray it under your clothes and its more subtle.

Boozy at first, earthy and fruity (dried plums), sweet. I am not much of a whiskey drinker, but the aroma is there and I'd say more like one of those whiskey's that are blended with honey/vanilla. Immediately it starts to feel balmy, while maintaining the booze. The vanilla is becoming prominent in the dry down and the plum is still there, the booze is gone; now more resinous and woody.

Kilian is at it again with this one...boozy,sweet,and an odd note I cant put my finger on. I've only tried a few kilians of the ones I've tried none of them are really my taste. Another review said it well. Like walking around smelling like a drunk. It is somewhat complex but again its overly so.

Boozy and smokey opening. Later it's a boozy vanilla, but not as heavy on the vanilla as other popular vanilla-boozy combos.

Single Malt is an appropriate name as this really does have a prominent whiskey smell. It's also sweet enough to be considered a modern fragrance but this feels more refined and mature than a casual scent. Probably best for nighttime.

This projects decently and hangs around all day.

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