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Sinbad the sailor of Basra was neither a great general nor a fearsome warrior. But he was afraid of nothing and the tales of “The Thousand and One Nights” tell of his bravery during his many travels. When he returned from his roguish adventures, he liked to have his closest friends gather around. Once he had washed their hands with essences of rose and orange flower water, amidst the smoke of precious incense, he would tell them of his strange encounters in faraway places, and describe in great detail the treasures he had discovered but then lost forever.

Sinbad fragrance notes

  • Head

    • pink pepper, tangerine, bergamot
  • Heart

    • rose, cinnamon, incense, orange blossom
  • Base

    • vanilla, benzoin, sandalwood, ambergris

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Sinbad is so well-crafted that no single note is dominant. Instead, the different components weave in and out, emerging abd receding as the scent unfolds like a Scheherazade story or a piece of Baroque music. This is a complex but beautiful spicy oriental. One might have imagined Sinbad to be unassuming and soft-spoken-based entirely on the initial impression it exuded as a soft, spicy amber fragrance. But Sinbad can be intimidating, enveloping, somewhere i between, or everything at once depending on the individual.

I clearly recognize cinnamon, tangerine, a softer, herbal interation of deep red roses, stepped in a humbling amber, vanilla and plush sandalwood. Also, the incense here is wonderful, adding a peppery bitterness that harmonized with the sweetness and adds interest to the powdery softness. It's sultry evening scent, perfect for occasions when you want to turn heads, especially date nights, for lovers of eastern scents, but it's not too much gor noses used to only western perfumes. Good performance.
16th June 2022
Lubin Sinbad is part of the Aristia Collection of 6 releases from 2019 and is definitely among my favorites of the collection, alongside Galaor, a spicy/smooth fragrance of a similar ilk. Sinbad achieves with pepper what Galaor does without: a semi-spicy, semi-sweet, resinous blend that, while having some sharp accents, is a really smooth and highly enjoyable.

The key notes are pink pepper, cinnamon, incense, rose, vanilla, benzoin, and sandalwood, with fresher accents of tangerine, bergamot, and orange blossom toward the opening. It feels elegant and classy, a clearly cool-weather-leaning creation that nonetheless could possibly work in some borderline situations, like summer nights, but for me, wholly feels like something I'd mostly enjoy indoors or when it's cool out.

I made a reference to Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb in my review of Galaor and the analogy partly holds true with Sinbad, as well, as they're all in a similar space of spice and resins, somewhat provocative but overall pretty smooth and uncontroversial, with sweet hints.

Overall, Sinbad performs very well and like Galaor, is excellent, and a standout of the line for me.

The entire collection is priced at $290 for 100ml, parfum concentration, sold only at select boutiques, including Perfumology, for which all six fragrances are listed as sold out online but should be available if you e-mail the shop.

8 out of 10
11th May 2020