Simply Blanc fragrance notes

  • Head

    • cardamom, pepper, bergamot, ylang ylang
  • Heart

    • jasmine, tuberose
  • Base

    • amber, benzoin

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The smell is beautiful, no alcoholic opening, since you first spray it you know that longevity is not going to be good, but it really smell so good, natural, quality notes, in the notes there is no coconut but you can smell something close to it. Projection around 75 centimeters.

When the time goes by you can smell that coconut is a trick with the mix between ylang-yang and tuberose, 100% unisex, it doesn't smell to beach but to summer.

During the first hour you smell it strong all the time. The tuberose is a not strong masculine one but no feminine, just a beautiful one, with jasmine in the background, a lot of benzoin, I can't smell bergamot, it not a citric one, nor the cardamom there is pepper that gives a subtle sexy point to the tuberose/ylang-ylang vibe, it fits the ensemble really well.

After one hour and a half is less floral and it goes more creamy.

Two hours later is losing the essence of the fragrance, leaving amber and a deconstructed tuberose, it stills being nice, but it's not the same amazing smell. It longevity is 3/4 hours no more, a short but stunning beautiful journey.

The bottle specially the small one is quite beautiful with white class resembling white ceramic, but the cap is cheap and the sticker doesn't fit really well the surface.
For 8€ 50ml I can only recommend it, even though is only for personal pleasure.
22nd October 2020