Silver Mountain Water 
Creed (1995)

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The adventurous Silver Mountain Water evokes sparkling streams coursing through the snow-capped Swiss Alps, a bracing landscape in which Olivier Creed, a championship skier, finds relaxation and renewal.

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Reviews of Silver Mountain Water by Creed

Green tea & black currant with strong metallic notes...on my skin, I get mostly metalic black current with a little green and citrus. Fairly linear. Stronger than VIW, but nowhere near Aventus.

Not a fan of the metallic note and something about the dry down doesn't agree with my kin. Pretty meh, especially considering the price.

Jul 19, 2021

Pleasant and fresh but nothing special considering the price. In fact close up something jars which seems to be a sour citrus mix. So I would not buy it. Would I wear it if someone gave me a bottle? Only if I ran out of Milesime Imperial!

Fragrance: 7/10
Projection: 7.5
Longevity: 7.75
Oct 30, 2020

SMW really was the spark that revived my sense of smell and made me realize just how much I had neglected it for decades. My job required me to visit homes, thousands of them and I subconciously became anosmic. Food, mold, pets of all sorts will do that.

Silver Mountain Water(1995)
Tea, Blackcurrant, musk. Those notes stand out to me and the metallic/inky reference is there. It isn't macho, isn't bright and loud, but has a sophisticated subtle depth. It is a unique unisex fragrance that isn't for everyone, but deserves to be experienced. Thumbs up
Oct 2, 2020

Now this is a 10/10 , just wow.
The scent to me is a very airy clean and crisp musk and mandarin , i can kind of see what people mean by saying it has a “metallic vibe” (most likely musk)
Its musk is very beautiful three dimensional musk , very airy , delicate, clean , and sophisticated .

To me SMW is all about the musk and mandarin , at first i get a blast of tasty citrusy mandarin , seconds later the musk joins it making this beautiful symphony.
Neither note dominate the other , they work hand in hand just as their dancing together.
Hours later when it Dries down , the mandarin is more subdued, the musk stays almost the same .

On me SMW is all about the intoxicating sillage , can’t smell it directly on my hand , I can’t force it to do its show , it’s the master of the show , hours later (5-6) when i think it died , i get whiffs of it and continue to do the same for a long time .
Rating :
Scent : 10/10 (unique and very high quality, clones don’t stand any chance)
Sillage : 10/10 (this is the best sillage of a fragrance ever IMO)
Projection : 8/10 projection lasts a very long time (5 hours later i get a compliment)
Longivity: 9/10 (at least 8+)
May 31, 2020

Creed Meh

Its bland. Its got the same base as Original Santal, a combo of musk and "sandalwood" that gives it a fresh laundry feeling. They are like different scented dryer sheets. This is Normal, and OS is fruity. Its a Creed, and smells good. Fresh. They use good quality ingredients that do a good job sticking around. Just doesn't excite me. Neutral.
May 22, 2020

About a year ago I bought my husband a Creed sample set. Out of the entire box Silver Mountain Water has been the most worn, which is saying quite a bit - he's the type that likes to 'save' the expensive perfumes for special occasions. In his view SMW just 'smells really good'.

I find SMW such a complex yet also simplistic perfume, which may outright be a contradiction. The blackcurrant is done marvelously well, none of the Ribena vibes, instead more of a preserve or light berry in the distance. Nothing really overpowers the other, all the notes work in harmony.

This one I plan to put on my next 'must buy' list.
Dec 31, 2019

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