Silver fragrance notes

    • spicy notes, musk, leather, patchouli, amber

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This Louis Cardin's creation is really "way too much". A sort of Paco Rabanne Invictus on steroids with a quite fizzy, soapy/musky and haunting relentless oversized spiciness. Really unbalanced and pungent. Silver is a leathery/musky accord bombed by citrus and spices (supported by floral pattens, geranium, jasmine??) and flanked by a marine sporty synthetic accord (with a gym-like soapy patchouli a la Badedas Noir but far spicier). Synth ambergris provides resinous dusty sweetness (really over sweet) and a manly dynamic spark (a la Prada Luna Rossa or stuffs like that). Sweetness from balmy/dusty ambergris is juxtaposed to a waving salty/floral marine accord. Dry down is bombastically musky with a shower-foam sort of sporty synth soapiness and hints of plastic leather (but the real star is again this atomic citric salty/sweet spiciness). Pass by.
14th February 2021